Erica Reyes is back at Beach Hills High School! MTV’s “Teen Wolf” shared the exciting news on their Twitter on Friday, posting a photo of a smiling Gage Golightly with the caption “Surprise.”

Golightly’s return to the series was definitely a surprise for fans who had mini-freak-outs on Twitter upon learning the news. As viewers already know, Golightly’s character, Erica Reyes, has been missing for four months. She's a student at Beacon Hills High School and a member of Derek’s pack, and season two left her fate up in the air.

She was tied up with electrical wire in a basement with Boyd, but the pair were able to escape into the woods. Unfortunately they didn’t get too far until they ran into more trouble -- presumably the Alpha Pack.

In the premiere, some were able to catch Erica’s face briefly on a missing persons poster in the school halls, but her actual person has yet to be seen. Episode one, “Tattoo,” had Derek and Isaac searching for Erica and Boyd until they ran into some trouble of their own. Derek claims that the Alpha Pack has both werewolves, and many are speculating that a glimpse of a hand in a vault belongs to Erica.

Erica’s exact return date to “Teen Wolf” is uncertain, but teases that an old character will return in episode two, “Chaos Rising.” If Erica does return this week, she won’t be the only familiar face to be gracing the screen. Peter will also be returning -- and with grave words. With the Alpha pack being deadly and on the loose, Peter warns Derek and the others not to get in their way.

Since the Alpha Pack is rumored to be “stronger, more savage, and more blood thirsty,” fingers are crossed that Erica didn’t have the misfortune of running into them. You can catch episode two of “Teen Wolf's” third season on MTV on Monday, June 10, at 8 p.m.