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Scott and Stiles interrogate the new kid, Liam, in Season 4 episode 3 of "Teen Wolf." MTV

Last week, “Teen Wolf” fans were introduced to this season’s villain, the Berzerkers. In episode 3, "Teen Wolf" is giving viewers even more villains to fear.

The episode starts off by introducing the audience to Sean. His family is murdered by a man with an axe, and he only escapes by jumping out of a second floor window and running for his life. Sheriff Stillinski hopes that it’s a non-supernatural murder, but he doesn’t realize that the murderer doesn’t have a mouth or hair (not even eyelashes). The Sheriff really doesn't want to involve Scott and Stiles.

The teenagers are attempting to live normal lives despite their supernatural circumstances. After a season without it, lacrosse is back. Stiles acknowledges that the he and Scott have a million other problems, but Scott gets protective of his captain position. Liam kills it on lacrosse field, blocking every ball that comes near him. Scott and Stiles interrogate the kid to see if he is a wolf. He got kicked out of his old school, but that doesn’t mean he is supernatural. While Scott doesn’t like letting his wolf powers into the game, he wouldn’t be able to beat Liam out for the captain position without them. Then Scott accidentally puts Liam in the hospital.

Malia struggles in school again. Lydia helps her out while she is up at the board, but Malia really doesn’t understand what is happening in math. She is so uncomfortable that her claws even come out. It’s pretty understandable. The girl lived in the woods as a coyote for about ten years, and yet Beacon Hills High thought they could just throw her into upper level high school classes? Malia honestly can’t tell that Lydia’s notes aren’t actually math. They’re a psychic premonition, much like the tree she drew in Season 3.

Malia can’t even focus on studying at lacrosse practice. She feels Kira’s nerves and asks her about her problems. Kira is anxious because she and Scott accidentally kissed. Apparently, they have gotten so used to people calling them a couple that Scott just gives her a quick peck before going off to practice. Scott later apologizes for kissing her, but then retracts his apology and kisses her passionately. This isn’t exactly great timing since Kira is moving back to New York with her family.

Outside of Beacon Hills High, Derek and Peter want to find Kate and everything she stole from their family vault. They hire Braeden (for a ridiculous amount of money) to track Kate down, but Derek wants more than material possessions. Ever since Kate turned him into a teenager, his wolf eyes are no longer blue. Fans know that a wolf’s eyes turn blue after he/she has killed as innocent human being. That’s not really something that can be taken back.

Lydia is on her own hunt for information. As usual, she was drawn to a crime scene. She goes to Sean’s house, but it’s after his family’s bodies have been taken. She runs into Deputy Parrish who happens to believe that Lydia might be a psychic. They find a hidden passage into a meat locker with human bodies being stored. Sean’s family wasn’t so innocent after all.

Speaking of innocents, it turns out that Liam isn’t quite the supernatural force that Scott and Stiles thought. After putting him in the hospital, audiences see that Liam’s dad is a doctor, and Liam might have a serious injury. While the hospital should be a safe place, it becomes dangerous when Sean gets hungry. Sean is a wendigo, which is a lot like a zombie. He needs to eat humans. When he goes on a rampage, he chases Liam up to the roof and almost chases him off. Scott is there to keep Liam’s hands from slipping off the edge and hold off Sean. Sean gets a hold of Scott’s arms and Scott has no choice but to use his mouth to hold up Liam’s arm. Yes, Scott gave Liam a werewolf bite. It looks like Liam won’t be human for long. Meanwhile, the man without a mouth kills Sean.

How did you like “Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 3? Are you excited to see how Scott handles turning someone into a werewolf? Comment with your favorite moments below!