teen wolf season 4 episode 11 scott and kira
"Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 11 had a lot of shocking moments. Check out where Scott and Kira ended up after their first date! MTV

“Teen Wolf” aired its last episode before the Season 4 finale on Monday night -- and boy did episode 11, “A Promise to the Dead,” leave us with some pretty steep cliffhangers. But hopefully the teasing storylines introduced in "A Promise to the Dead" will be wrapped up the last episode of Season 4. Here are some of episode 11's wildest moments that left us yearning for more:

Scott and Kira’s First Date

Scott finally takes the initiative to go on his first date with Kira (never mind that they’ve been together for weeks). Scott manages to borrow Derek’s loft and fills it with light bulbs that Kira lights up with her kitsune powers. Kira quickly gave up on explaining that “Star Wars: Episode IV” is actually the first movie and decided to just make out instead (because they wouldn’t borrow Derek’s apartment if they wanted to actually watch a movie). But the date was interrupted when Kate came in through the window to kidnap Scott and Kira. After a fight with Kate and her Berserker, the alpha and kitsune are defeated and taken hostage.

Parrish’s Eyes

Deputy Parrish refused to leave Chris Argent to die alone in the sewers. After Peter impaled Argent, Parrish couldn’t get him lose. Parrish told Argent that he needed adrenaline. He either needed to be scared or angry, and Parrish knew that Argent wouldn’t scare easily. Apparently, Lydia told Parrish a lot about Allison. Talking about his dead daughter gave Argent enough adrenaline to try to pull himself free while Parrish helped. While Argent’s adrenaline helped, it seems like Parrish had some supernatural strength to help. Parrish’s eyes went an interesting shade of orange when he pulled the hunter free. It’s just another clue in the mystery of Parrish’s powers.

Lydia’s Scream

Derek and Braeden woke up to their intruder alarm going off and both immediately grabbed their guns and went to the door. They opened it to find Lydia there. She screamed as soon as she saw Derek. A scream from a banshee predicts death, so things aren’t looking good for the hunky wolf.

Eichen House Is Home of Supernatural Creatures

Eichen House is well aware that they are housing so many supernatural creatures. Deaton went to Eichen House to visit Dr. Valeck, a psychic with a third eye. Apparently he needed to give the institution a wendigo in order to see the doctor. Deaton went into a coma after he looked into the third eye, but the doctors had seen that before. They knew he wouldn’t wake up, but Lydia thinks that she can save him.

Peter’s Idea of Father-Daughter Bonding

Peter has tracked down the Desert Wolf, Malia’s mother. He knows where she is and he offered to give Malia the information in exchange for a favor. He wants her to kill Kate. This is a strange request because Peter recently formed an alliance with Kate. Malia asked if she would always have to do something in exchange for something else with Peter. Peter basically told her that nothing comes from him for free.

Scott and Kira in La Iglesia

Kate has taken Scott to Mexico to the temple that they visited in the beginning of the season. It was where she turned Derek into a teenager, but her plans for Scott look much more ominous. It looked like she was trying to make Scott a Berserker. Meanwhile, Kira appears to be at the church as well, but she wakes up in a dungeon surrounded by bones.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. What were your most shocking moments from the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!