“Teen Wolf” began Season 4 with a bang when the hit MTV series aired its anticipated premiere. But if you missed episode 1, “Dark Moon,” don’t freak out! We’ve got all the jaw-dropping scoop of what went down with a nail-biting recap.

The premiere opened with a scene of Stiles and Lydia wandering around the hot city of Mexico -- and no, it's not because Beacon Hills decided to take a trip for spring break. The duo reveals they're there to find Derek but according to Lydia, their plan to get him back is going to get them killed. After gaining access to the building, the two walk down a super spooky hallway only to stumble into a bass-dropping club. As they make their way through the dancing crowd fans can see someone setting their sights on the duo. The mystery man ends up buying them each a shot.

“No, it’s on the house,” he says when Stiles starts pulling out his wallet. Lydia puts a skull-decorated bullet into the shot glass and says they're not there to drink.

They are then brought to an older lady who bluntly quips that the two are in over their heads considering they came alone.

“What makes you think we’re alone?” Stiles slyly says.

Scott, Malia and Kira are then spotted in the club -- and yes, viewers get to see Malia and Kira shake it together.

“Do you know what the dark moon is? Do you know its meaning?” the woman asks the question we've been itching to learn. “Grief and loss.”

She then asks the two of why they would risk their lives again "for someone like Derek Hale" when they had just been through the ringer.

Fans then get a flashback to Scott, Stiles and Lydia attempting to figure out where the skull bullets came from. Lydia digs her hand into the pot of ammo and gets the feeling of death.

“No,” she answers when Stiles asks if Derek it dead. “I’m not sure he’s alive either.”

The group figures out that the Calaveras don’t have Derek. In fact, they don’t even know where he is. But the old woman makes use of the group by getting to know Lydia and her Banshee powers.

The Calaveras then take Lydia and seat her next to Scott who is handcuffed to a chair. They then force Kira to turn a dial to electrocute Scott if he doesn't answer their questions. Meanwhile Stiles and Malia are locked away as their friends suffer. To help concentrate to hear what’s going on Malia kisses Stiles.

After all the pain, Scott figures out its Kate Argent who has Derek. “Teen Wolf” cuts to a scene that shows Kate keeping Derek locked in a spider web-infested coffin.

The woman sends Scott to go find Kate and warns him that she sent four men previously but no one has returned. Braeden ends up being the group’s guide to the church, which allegedly is holding Derek hostage.

The group then asks Scott who Kate is. Scott reveals the Calaveras took her when they learned she was killed by the claws of a werewolf (Peter). After his character synopsis something pops the wheel of their car. Scott goes off with Braeden to get Derek why the rest hang back to try and revive Stiles' precious Jeep.

“We’ll figure something out. We always do,” Stiles assures him.

Malia finds something lodged into the wheels of the car.

“I don’t think we hit something. I think something hit us,” she said pulling out what looked like a horn.

Braeden brings Scott to an abandoned town that lies over a secret city of were jaguars once roamed. After walking through the ghost town Scott realizes that they aren't alone. Something non-human is lurking behind them and they aren’t the only ones with an unexpected visitor. Stiles and the girls are also facing some supernatural trouble hiding behind boulders.

“It’s big and fast,” Malia said of the creature stalking them after trying to chase it down.

Meanwhile at the abandoned city Braeden gives Scott a lesson on why he should have “kissed his girlfriend" (Kira) before leaving.

“If we die down here are you going to regret not kissing her?” she asks.

But Scott doesn't have much time to contemplate her inquiry considering he senses something down in the crypts with him. A snarling sound comes racing towards them.

"Teen Wolf" cuts to a scene of the four back in the mobile Jeep where Stiles tells Malia never to run off like that again.

“I would never leave without you,” she says comforting Stiles. “Them I would leave.” Lydia and Kira then give each other a worrisome glance.

Back in the crypts Scott and Braeden face a monstrous looking thing. But with one roar from the alpha the creature gets spooked. Finally the two reach the wall that’s concealing Derek.  A hand reaches up and the two stare with jaws wide open.

“Oh my God,” Scott says. They then drag a body out from the tombs to the Jeep.

“Is that him? Is that Derek?” Malia asks.

“Uh, sort of,” Stiles replies.

We then see a beardless teenage version of Derek looking up at the group.

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