The “Teen Wolf” Season 4 premiere will air on MTV Monday night – and according to the episode 1 synopsis, “The Dark Moon” will leave you howling for more.

“When one of their friends goes missing, Scott and the pack travel into Mexico on a search and rescue mission,” the summary of the hit MTV series teases. But which of their supernatural buddies is MIA when the season begins? Based on the promo video, it appears that Derek has vanished.

In the sneak peek for episode 1, fans can see Scott strapped to a metal chair, enduring a lot pain, as his friends watch on helplessly.

“Tell me,” a woman shouts. “Who actually has Derek? Who had a reason?”

“I said I don’t know,” Scott replies, exhausted and covered in sweat.

“Oh, you don’t know because you haven’t figured it out yet,” she answers. “So, think! Who could have taken him?”

In the background viewers can hear a man tell Kira to bump the electric shocks up to three, but she defies the cruel order. Then Scott tells her “it’s OK," so she turns the knob -- leading Scott’s head to move in pain.

“Who had the power?” the woman shouts. “The power of a shapeshifter?”

Scott repeatedly answers that he doesn't know. But they're not giving up.

“Someone who could have turned without you knowing. Turned – but not by a bite.”

“I don’t know,” Scott grunts, to which the woman replies with “diez” (10).

Scott looks at her in disbelief while Kira shakes her head no.

The promo then cuts to a scene of Malia and Stiles, who are listening to Scott’s screams as the power gets turned up to 10.

“They’re killing him,” Malia says as the lights flicker on and off.

So, who has Derek? Well, we’ve theorized that Kate Argent is the one who has him in her were-jaguar clutches. That’s right, we said a were-jaguar. And this new creature is unlike any we’ve ever seen on “Teen Wolf.”

In the Season 3 finale, Kate shocked viewers by transforming into the crazy-looking critter. Everyone had thought she was dead after Peter scratched open her throat, but here she was holding a pretty big gun, which she used to eventually shoot Derek.

Will Scott and the gang figure out that Kate is back from the grave and deadlier than ever? Guess you'll have to tune into the Season 4 premiere of “Teen Wolf” to find out! Episode 1 of "Teen Wolf" will air on MTV on Monday, June 23, at 10 p.m. EDT.