The “Teen Wolf” finale took some unexpected turns. Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack needed all the surprise attacks they could plan on the MTV drama. Going up against the Beast wasn’t easy, especially since they had to keep him alive long enough to get Mason (Khylin Rhambo) out. From secret alliances to shocking deaths, episode 20 seemed to have a twist in every scene. These are the most shocking moments from the “Teen Wolf” Season 5B finale:

1. Tracy’s Death – Theo (Cody Christian) really wanted a pack of his own for so long, but now he just wants power. He kisses Tracy (Kelsey Chow) to get her close enough for him to take her powers and kill her.

2. Dread Doctor’s Identity Revealed – Scott brings the unconscious Dread Doctor’s body back to Deaton’s (Seth Gilliam) clinic. Sebastien (Gilles Marini) summons the seemingly immortal being and suddenly he is conscious. He goes outside to meet Sebastien, who takes the Dread Doctor’s mask off. Viewers see the mutilated face of the Doctor for the first time. “For you, all for you,” the Doctor says.

Sebastien addresses him as Marcel, one of his friends from the 18th century. Just before he dies, Marcel reveals that the Argents have Marie-Jean’s (Crystal Reed) pike. It’s been made into the cane that Gerard (Michael Hogan) took. Finally, fans know that the Dread Doctors were working to bring the Beast back because they were loyal to Sebastien.

3. Sebastien Attacks – The villain heads to the Sheriff’s Department to track down the Argents. The Sheriff (Linden Ashby) invites him into his office when he gets a message from Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) explaining the situation. The Sheriff lets him go to avoid any bloodshed, but Deputy Clarke (Benita Robledo) knows something is off as he walks out and tells him to stop.

Sebastien suddenly attacks. Hayden (Victoria Moroles) walks in just in time to see Lydia (Holland Roden) confronting Sebastian. He moves to slash her throat, but Lydia uses her banshee powers to send him flying backwards. Unfortunately, he still manages to cut her neck, sending her straight to the hospital.

4. Malia Defeats the Desert Wolf – Stiles goes to see Malia (Shelley Hennig) after leaving the hospital. Scott gave him the talons that Theo got from the Desert Wolf (Marisol Nichols). Stiles (who has a giant shard of glass in his chest after the Desert Wolf kicked him around) throws the talons to Malia after her mother shoots her several times. “I want my power back,” the Desert Wolf says as she is about to kill Malia.

“I want my family back,” Malia says as she uses the talons to take down her mother.

5. Theo’s Attack – Theo can’t help but get in the way. After giving Lydia an illegal shot of cortisone, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Scott head down to the tunnels with with the banshee to find the Beast. Of course, that’s when Theo attacks them. He electrocutes the boys, poisons Scott with canima venom and drops Lydia into a locked room underneath the tunnels.

6. Kira saves Lydia from her cell. Luckily, Kira returns from her trip to the desert just in time. She uses her sword to set the banshee free.

7. Double Agents – Theo tries to take the Beast’s power. It doesn’t really work out, but the Beast tosses him to the side, not even bothering to kill him. Deucalion (Gideon Emery) comes up to Theo with Scott and Liam in tow. Theo realizes that Deucalion never wanted Scott’s eyes. He was working for the Alpha all along. Deucalion breaks Theo’s neck.

Gerard shoots Deucalion and asks Scott how long he was planning this double cross. Chris (J.R. Bourne) reveals that he has his own secret alliances. He gives Scott the cane and points a gun at Gerard. It was never about saving lives for Gerard, and now that they’ve gotten all the information they need out of Allison’s grandfather, his time with them is over.

8. Allison Saves Scott – Allison (Crystal Reed) is still dead, but she is also still saving Scott’s life. The Beast fights Scott and Liam for the cane. Liam tries to attack Sebastien with the weapon, but the young werewolf isn’t strong enough. While Sebastien digs his claws into Scott's neck, the villain sees visions of Allison. It throws him off because she looks just like his sister, and his shock allows Scott to get away.

9. Lydia Saves Mason – Her banshee scream for Mason brings him back. The Beast is now a separate being that Parrish (Ryan Kelley) has to fight. Scott throws the cane to the hellhound, and he quickly ends the battle, killing the Beast.

10. Theo’s Demise – None of the pack members technically took down Theo. However, Kira played a part in the chimera’s downfall. “Skinwalkers have a message for you Theo,” she tells him. “Your sister wants to see you.” His dead sister crawls out of a hole in the cement and drags him down with her. He screams for Scott’s help, but the alpha just watches as Theo goes into the ground and the cement reseals itself. It isn’t clear if he is dead, but he definitely isn't in a good place.

11. Hayden Is A Werewolf – Hayden found herself on the edge of death after trying to attack the Beast. Deaton doesn’t know if she’ll heal since she is a chimera, so Scott gives her the option not to be a chimera anymore. He bites her and turns her into a werewolf.

12. Wet Footprints – The episode ended with a trail of wet footprints in the Dread Doctors’ lab. They might not be gone for good.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is currently filming, but MTV has not revealed a release date.