Teen Wolf
Scott (Tyler Posey) will have to fight some major battles and save his best friend before he goes to college in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. MTV

“Teen Wolf” isn’t over yet. MTV’s werewolf drama has plenty of action planned for the final episodes. Season 6 premiere will be jam-packed with information and new storylines, so fans might want to prepare themselves beforehand. Between the romances, new villains, returning baddies and college preparation, the pack will be busier than ever.

1. Villains —The Ghost Riders are the main troublemakers this year. They can erase people from existence, and they have a connection to that Nazi werewolf that was shown escaping the Dread Doctors’ lab last season. Former villains will return too. Theo (Cody Christian) will find his way out of the ground while Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) will run into Peter (Ian Bohen).

2. Scott’s Preparations — Scott wants to go to college, but he can’t leave his home unprotected. He is trying to prep Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) to take his place. “He’s a little worried,” Posey told International Business Times. “He wants to make sure that Beacon Hills is safe when he’s gone. So he’s really trying to like, get to Liam and just be like, ‘Yo, you need to step your s--- up. Like, you’re going to be the leader of this town when I’m gone.’”

3. Stiles’ Absence — “Teen Wolf” fans know that Dylan O’Brien was scheduled to film “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure” while Season 6 was in production, and then an injury sidelined him for even longer. The show worked around his conflict by putting Stiles in danger. The Ghost Riders will quickly erase him from existence. “This was partly a way to keep him with in the show, keep his character important and alive and also to make — it was part of the saying goodbye to the series as well,” showrunner Jeff Davis told IBTimes during New York Comic Con. “The whole theme of memory and memory loss was a bit of a way to do these 20 episodes as a real series finale.”

4. Lydia and Stiles — It’s the romance “Teen Wolf” fans have been waiting for since 2011. Stiles’ disappearance is going to finally make Lydia (Holland Roden) evaluate her feelings for the show’s lone human teenager.

5. New Opening Credits — “Teen Wolf” Season 6 is getting a new introduction.

6. Banshee History — It isn’t all about Stiles though. Roden told IBTimes last month that there would be some Banshee discoveries. “A lot of the season is not focused on the banshee-ism, but there is one amazing episode that is all banshee history,” Roden revealed. “That’s a really fun episode. I think you guys are going to like that a lot.”

7. New Teacher — Garrett Douglas (Pete Ploszek) will be new to Beacon Hills High, and he’ll catch the eye of many students. He’ll have the attention of the pack for a different reason, though. “We have a joke that Beacon Hills High School should be a lot better at background checking,” Davis told TV Line. “If they looked into his background, it would go all the way back World War II. … You see him in a flashback in the trailer, bearing his fangs.”

8. It’s Not Ending Soon — Though this is the final season of “Teen Wolf,” the MTV drama has long seasons because they’re divided into two. The first 10 episodes will air this winter, but the final 10 installments, which will bring the series to 100 episodes total, will air later in 2017.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6, the final season, premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.