A song from newly launched teenage girl group NewJeans is facing backlash for having sexual connotations.

The track "Cookie" was released on HYBE Corporation's official YouTube page Monday. The song was produced by HYBE subsidiary ADOR's CEO Min Hee-Jin.

When the music video of the track came out Monday, many online users raised objections, saying the song was referring to female genitals and was age-inappropriate. The members of the five-member girl group were aged 13 to 18.

An English translation of the lyrics goes: "Made a little cookie /Baked it just for you/With chocolate chips/I wanna sprinkle all over/I want to make you lose your appetite/ If you want it, you can get it, if you want it/Let me hear your voice again, boy."

A Twitter user expressed concern for the underage singers and wrote, "The lyrics to cookie by newjeans? 'look at my cookie come and take a lookie' 'you want it dont you' 'i wanna see you eat it' 'eat my cookie' THESE ARE 04-08 LINERS?? MIN HEEJIN ITS OVER FOR YOU I FEAR. IT REALLY IS…"

"Well, cookie is slang for lady parts so it isn't going to sound cute and innocent when they keep saying my cookie. And the comp has to be aware and avoid interpretation from all sorts of fans. Either they're irresponsible or they want to be dirty but just have an excuse 2 cover it," another user tweeted.

"Whoever approved of the lyrics and allowed them to sing is disgusting. people are worried, rightfully so esp after the accusations against their CEO," another person wrote.

However, some people said the song doesn't sound vulgar in Korean.

"I also felt uncomfortable with some of the lyrics (too mature) although this song is trying to change the narrative with come see my cookies (that i baked)," one wrote.

A fan offered an explanation for the use of the word "cookies" in the song and wrote, "Cookies mean their albums. In Korea, 'Making a CD' is also expressed as 'Baking a CD.' They bake cookies(=CD) and we'll continue to look for their cookies."

Min, who was a former creative director for SM Entertainment, earlier said she was expecting NewJeans to take K-pop "in a new and different direction." She had previously formulated the group concepts for girl groups Girls' Generation and Red Velvet.

K-pop -- along with K-drama soap operas -- has been one of South Korea's most successful cultural exports to date
K-pop -- along with K-drama soap operas -- has been one of South Korea's most successful cultural exports to date AFP / Ed JONES