Jordyn Walker, a 15-year-old girl from Northland, has been suffering from a mysterious deadly disease that has caused her to lose her vision permanently. She has been affected ever since she came back from a cruise vacation trip with her family last summer, reported

Everything was perfectly fine for the teenager untl, she came back from a happy summer trip last summer. After being back, she reported some medical complications that included stomach pain and bloody stool.

"It just went haywire from there. Everything started swelling," Walker said.

The family of the girl consulted doctors in North Carolina to know the cause.Doctors performed several tests and concluded it to be a sinus infection. The family came back only to find out that Walker eventually lost her sense of taste and smell as well.They again consulted doctors, but they remained in a state of oblivion and could not find the cause.

The misery aggravated in December 2018 when the girl started experiencing bloody stools, extreme swelling, severe pain and vomiting that lasted for many days.The swelling was so severe to the girl’s face that it ended up damaging her optic nerves permanently, her family reported on a GoFundMe page they had created to get financial aid for treatment of the teenager.

"My whole face just turned purple and is bruised and giant with blood,"Jordyn said.

Kendyll Walker, Jordyn’s mother, said they felt so helpless seeing their child going through the trauma but could not do anything to assuage her pain.

It was terrifying to watch it happen all over again and knowing we couldn't do anything about it," Kendyll reportedly said.

The helpless family took the girl to the University of Kansas Hospital where she underwent intensive medications and two surgeries to ease the swelling. But all this, yet again, could not meet the family’s unanswered questions towards the cause of all that was happening to the girl.

"There's no answers. Nothing you can do,"Kendyll said.

Doctors still remained baffled, though they came up with another dreadful message for the family that their daughter had lost her vision for ever.

"She won't get a chance to drive. Or see her sisters get married like she wants so much,"Kendyll said.

Amid all this, Kendyll wanted to spread the news as much as possible in a hope to get someone who could answer the cause of mysterious illness her daughter is going through.

"If anybody has any idea what this could possibly be or what type of tests she could go through to get an answer, we would be immensely grateful," Kendyll said.

For further treatment, Jordyn’s family is planning to visit the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, in a hope to find answers for the rare disease.

The unknown disease might have shaken the family but Jordyn remained undaunted and said, “I'm not going to let this stop me.”

Deadly illness In the representational image, an Indian Kashmiri girl Insha Malik, 14, lays unconscious in a hospital bed after being shot with pellets fired by Indian security forces, with doctors saying she had lost vision in both eyes, in the surgical ICU hospital in Srinagar , July 14, 2016. Photo: Gettyimages/TAUSEEF MUSTAFA