A Tennessee woman and her son were swept away by floodwaters moments after the former went live on Facebook to show how the tidal waters were submerging the area in Waverly where she lived.

In a minute-long video shared on Facebook, Linda Almond voiced her concerns as floodwaters rushed into her house.

"Well, if anybody has seen me on Facebook Live. We are being flooded right now in Waverly, Tennessee. Really scary," Almond said in the post.

Her family members told CBS 17 Almond and her son climbed onto the roof of their house, but it collapsed and both of them got washed away by the floods.

Almond's son was rescued, but the woman did not survive. Her sister identified her body the following day, her brother, Leo Almond said on Facebook. Details regarding Almond's son such as his age and name were not revealed.

The flash flooding caused by 17 inches of rain in Tennessee killed at least 22 people as of Tuesday, with dozens still missing. The rescue crews continued searching for survivors in the pile of shattered homes and debris, while middle Tennessee experienced a rapid surge of floodwaters. The worst-hit areas saw rescue officials searching door-to-door and even scouring through debris to locate the survivors.

The Waverly and Humphreys Counties remain the focus of the search teams after at least 20 people were reported missing from there. The counties' Facebook pages were flooded with desperate pleas from locals to help locate their missing relatives and friends.

"My niece was swept away," a person wrote in a post. "Her family is still looking for her. They were told she was found but it wasn't her."

"Me and my family are looking for our 6-year-old cousin," another person wrote. "Any information is appreciated."

The flooding began Saturday, taking out telephone and power lines. Researchers confirmed the rainfall will likely exceed the state's record for most rainfall in 24 hours.

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