A U.S. traffic safety agency has ordered the first recall of Tesla's electric sports car Roadster over a problem which can cause its rear wheels to come loose.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on its website posted a letter dated May 27 that it sent to the car maker, ordering that it recall the its electric sports car for safety issues due to an assembly problem that can cause the rear wheels to come loose.

"A loose [rear hub] could lead to degradation in vehicle handling, and a rubbing noise from the rear of the vehicle,' the agency writes in the letter.

The problem with the all electric vehicle was discovered after an owner complained and the customer's car was investigated, Tesla's spokeswoman Rachel Konrad told Autobloggreen.com . The problem was attributed to primary assembly at the Lotus factory in England.

About 345 Roadsters manufactured between March 2008 and April 2009 will have to be recalled for repairs, according to the letter.

Tesla, an electric-car start-up based in San Carlos- California has two models in the market. In 2004, Tesla began development of its first electric vehicle, the Roadster. It is currently the only highway capable electric vehicle for sale in North America or Europe.