A manhunt was launched in Texas on Sunday morning for a gunman who opened fire at a Halloween and homecoming party, which killed two young people dead and left as many as 16 others injured. Seven hundred fifty people had gathered for the party at a venue 15 miles southwest of a satellite campus of the Texas A&M University System.

The unknown gunman gained access to the party through a back door where he shot one individual directly and then began just firing into the crowd. During the utter chaos that followed, the gunman was able to escape without being identified. Some reports said the gunman could have been targeting just one person at the party.

Early reports from the scene stated that the gunman used a semi-automatic style weapon Hunt county sheriff's but it emerged later that the weapon used was a handgun. Hampering efforts to acquire evidence from the scene were several fake bullets that were scattered around as part of the party decorations.

Texas police
Texas Police | Representation JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Just moments before the shooting erupted, a sheriff's deputy had responded to the Venue because of illegally parked vehicles on nearby State Route 180. Two off-duty officers were working security for the party at the time. All three law enforcement agents were in front of the building when the shooting occurred. They were unable to locate the gunmen and instead turned their efforts toward providing first-aid for the victims. One victim was airlifted by helicopter to nearby Plano, and another injured person was taken in the back of a police cruiser to the hospital.

The names of the victims are not being released until family members have been notified. Police officers are asking anyone with any information to come forward, and also urging parents whose children may have been at the party to have their children provide as much information as they can. None of the surviving victims have been able to identify the gunman either.

Hunts County Sheriff Randy Meeks said at a news conference Sunday morning "It appalls me that with that many folks there no one has given us a better description of the shooter." Law enforcement officials have stated that they do not feel that the public has any imminent danger.