A 22-year-old student working as a dog walker in Texas has filed a lawsuit against a couple after their two dogs attacked her and left her with permanent disfigurement.

Jacqueline Durand, from Coppell, was hired by Ashley and Justin Bishop to walk their three dogs on Dec. 23, 2021. As she opened the front door of the couple's house, two dogs — a mixed-breed German shepherd and a mixed-breed pit bull — rushed toward her and attacked her violently, the lawsuit stated, according to WFAA.

The pair asked a neighbor to check on the house after they received a notification from the wireless doorbell that the front door was open. However, one of the dogs bit the neighbor during the check. Police were called afterward.

Responding officers found the front door of the house wide open and saw blood in the foyer and the hallway upon arrival. They were also greeted by some items scattered in the hallway, suggesting a violent struggle had taken place.

Cops then heard someone moaning and found Jacqueline laying on her stomach with "serious facial damage." Paramedics eventually arrived and brought the young woman to the hospital.

According to the lawsuit, the dogs ate Jacqueline's ears and most of her face.

"The Dogs knocked Jacqueline off balance, causing her to fall and drop her cell phone. Then, the Dogs violently attacked her head and face — mauling her catastrophically. The Dogs were so violent and bloodthirsty that they pulled all of Jacqueline’s clothes off, including her blue jeans," the lawsuit alleged, as per NBC News.

Jacqueline accused the homeowners of being negligent and maintaining "an unreasonably dangerous condition" in the suit. The lawsuit seeks damages and a jury trial.

The couple was aware that their dogs were violent and their house allegedly had a "crazy dog" sign, the lawsuit said further. The sign asked visitors to call or text the homeowners and not to ring the doorbell.

Jacqueline, a dog lover, met the pets once before the incident. The said meeting took place while she was discussing the job with Ashley.

The dogs were taken into custody by Coppell animal control. They were later ordered to be euthanized, Jacqueline's attorney told WFAA.

Jacqueline had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries after losing her ears, lips, nose and part of her cheeks in the attack.

Her father, John Durand, said his daughter was bitten 800 to 1,000 times and sustained puncture wounds all over her body, the Dallas Morning News reported.

"She will never look the same," he told the outlet.

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