The new Smartphone chipset from Texas Instruments focuses on multimedia power. TI announced its next-generation application processor the so called multi-core OMAP-4 from OMAP family of chips.

The new OMAP 4 can play for almost a week of audio play time. It can deliver 1080p video record with 20 megapixel imaging. The device platform will support Linux variants such as the Android Mobile Platform and LiMo, as well as Symbian OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

TI also says that OMAP 4 offers 10x faster web page load times, 7x higher computing performance, 6x higher video resolution, 10x better graphics performance and 6x longer audio play time.

Devices based on OMAP 4 are likely to start coming to market during the first half of next year.

In addition, TI is also says that it plans to expand its OMAP 3 range with the addition of several products being made in a 45-nm process, with the OMAP36x range featuring speeds up to 1GHz.