We get it. You created this incredible Thanksgiving feast for your family and they had the gall to not eat every last savory bite. Here you are with a mountain of leftovers, zero fridge space and a cavalcade of family members sticking around for a while longer. You don’t want to throw away a bunch of perfectly good food but you also don’t want to serve Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of the week.

To help avoid either fate, you can use any of these wonderful Thanksgiving leftover recipes to repackage your feast.

Cornbread Stuffing Muffins

You’ll need little more than some cornbread, a muffin tin and your leftover turkey stuffing. This easy-bake snack will have your family reaching for more after just 30-minutes of baking. (Recipe from A Spicy Perspective)

Turkey and Mashed Potatoes Pot Pie

This recipe takes two of the most common Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey and mashed potatoes) and combines them into a fun dish that no one in the family would dare turn their noses at. For 20 minutes of baking, this meal can be on your table as early as Dec. 1. (Recipe from MarthaStewart.com)

Eggs In Purgatory

Leftover mashed potato pancakes are the star of this leftover brunch idea. Admittedly the idea of cooking an egg after cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner sounds awful, but it’s 35 minutes of work for a mouth watering payoff. (Recipe from FoodNetwork.com)

Open-faced Hot Brown Turkey Sandwich

A spin on the classic leftover turkey sandwich, this open-faced option adds bacon, onion gravy and cheese to make a hot open-faced treat for the whole family. In 35 minutes your family could be cutting their way though this tender dish with a fork. (Recipe from FoodNetwork.com)

Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

You can almost throw anything onto a flat piece of uncooked dough, cover it in cheese and throw it in the oven for a delicious turkey leftover pizza. While pizza may not be what jumps to mind when thinking about the pilgrims’ first meal tradition, it’s hard to argue with a good thing. Cooking times may vary. (Recipe from Yahoo Food)

Stuffing Waffles

This is a great treat because it gives you something to do with that gravy that you can’t bring yourself to throw away for some reason. This 45-minute creation is just what you need to use up the last of your stuffing as well. Grab a non-stick waffle iron and your hungry friends and family for this unique take on waffles. (Recipe from SeriousEats.com)

Turkey Hash Patties

This is the perfect post-Thanksgiving leftover recipe if you find yourself with mashed potatoes, string beans and turkey. Add a bit of parsley and you’ll have a delicious meal that looks professional and like nothing that was on the table during your holiday meal. (Recipe from Oprah.com)

Curried Mashed Potato And Turkey Soup

It takes just 20 minutes to dump as many turkey, mashed potato and vegetable leftovers into a bowl as your family can eat with this incredibly tasty soup. Your family will be tasting the holiday meal without feeling like they’re repeating themselves. (Recipe from Oprah.com)

Sweet Potato Casserole Pancakes

Another breakfast treat to help you come down from your dinner the night before. These sweet potato pancakes will be a welcomed treat for anyone returning home after surviving Black Friday. (Recipe from bbritnell.com)

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Congratulations, you made such a delicious Thanksgiving dinner that you find yourself with Pumpkin Pie leftovers. If you’re looking for a new desert, try out this clever milkshake recipe to reward yourself for a holiday well done. (Recipe from Blogging Over Thyme)