Don't mess with Queen Elizabeth and her taste buds, or you could wind up "off to the Tower of London." At least that's what one chef claimed in the documentary "Secrets of the Royals."

"The Queen knows what she likes," Royal chef Des Sweeney said, according to Express.

The Queen of England also knows what she doesn't like.

"The Queen doesn’t eat garlic, and she doesn’t serve garlic," royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell said. "Of course the Queen is concerned that garlic clings to the being and you can smell it on the breath."

Darren McGrady, also a royal chef, explained, "If you try and serve strawberries out of season, it is off to the Tower of London with you, you are in trouble."

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In addition to knowing Queen Elizabeth's royal palette, the kitchen staff also must know her code for when guests are coming over for a meal.

After being presented a menu book, which is good for three days worth of meals, the 93-year-old monarch will return the book with her markings.

"If she’s out for dinner she’ll put a line through the page, and if she has a guest coming, she’ll put two or three so we know she is entertaining," McGrady said.

Queen Elizabeth
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is pictured attending the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019, in London. Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images