Just like a scene out of “The Hunger Games,” 8-year-old Nadine Hairston was struck by an two-foot arrow Tuesday morning during a school field trip to Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

Nadine said she was hit by a rogue 2-foot-long crossbow arrow as she was coming down a slide on a whale sculpture at the college campus, ABC News reported Thursday.

The third-grader was rushed to a hospital for immediate surgery to remove the arrow, which reportedly punctured her leg, missing her major arteries.

“First I felt shock and looked down. I was sliding down … but had an arrow in my leg,” said Nadine. “I don’t know if they were aiming for me or just the whale. I have no idea.”

Teachers and chaperone Michael Whitley said they saw the arrow in the air before it hit the girl.

“A kid ran up to me and said Nadine was shot with an arrow, which, you know, I thought couldn’t possibly be true,” he said.

Fellow chaperone Geoff Vassallo said she remained fairly calm in spite of her shocking injury.

“She was a pretty brave little girl,” Vassallo told CBS 5 Wednesday.

Berkeley Police Sgt. Andrew Tucker said the incident could be considered a violent felony but that the investigation is still in process. Authorities are considering the possibility that a hunter or reckless sportsman could be responsible. There are currently no suspects.

Authorities ruled out the possibility that the shooter was a member of the college’s archery group. UC Berkeley Police Lt. Marc DeCoulode said the group’s location is nowhere near where the incident occurred and that the weapon used in the attack is not allowed in the club.

“It’s certainly possible that it just might be an accident. A careless accident at the very least," said Tucker.

Nadine, who is already out of the hospital and back in class, called the situation surreal.

“It’s like a dream and weird at the same time. Because you think you’re dreaming when you see an arrow and it’s also weird because it usually never happens,” she said.