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Ouragins is owned in part by its customers. Ouragins

What if you could earn stocks from a company that you shop from?

Ouragins is a brand that's doing just this — with a revolutionary program offered to their customers. This direct-to-consumer scrubs manufacturer turns customers into shareholders by giving healthcare professionals the chance to earn stocks in the company simply for shopping.

Deviating from a traditional central corporate structure, Ouragins is owned in part by its customers. This so-called ownership economy turns customers into stockholding partners that are more engaged and invested in the brand.

Inspired by trends in cryptocurrency and Web3, this first-of-its-kind program creates an innovative method to incentivize customer loyalty by giving customers a personal stake in the company. In fact, Ouragins will be giving away up to 50% of their company to customers.

The Ouragins model increases customer loyalty, brand engagement, customer advocacy, and results in more equitable rewards for consumers.

In order to track stocks that customers are eligible for, Ouragins uses a point-based system based on purchases. The more customers spend, the more stocks they receive. Customers can also utilize these points to redeem discounts.

Ouragins Male Scrubs
Ouragins also champions the industry’s most advanced antimicrobial technology. Ouragins

Stocks aren't the only unique thing this scrubs brand is bringing to the medical uniform space — Ouragins also champions the industry's most advanced antimicrobial technology.

Although there is a plethora of medical scrubs in the market, many of them don't adequately protect the wearer from viruses and germs in the hospital. Ouragins' ThreadFusion infusion-based antimicrobial technology is third-party lab tested and proven to kill 99% of germs like MRSA and E. coli, making Ouragins 4x more effective than the leading "antimicrobial" competitor.

This innovative technology infuses billions of antimicrobial copper particles directly into the threads of the fabric, permanently embedding antimicrobial properties into the articles of clothing. ThreadFusion is more effective, durable, and environmentally friendly over time when compared to conventional antimicrobial coatings.

Pioneering both technologies and business models, Ouragins has already seen a rapid response from healthcare professionals who are flocking to the new brand. This shows just how effective it can be for businesses to give their customers a share of the brand.