• PETA wants Thor to have vegan diet in next film
  • Thor may no longer be fat, according to the director
  • Starsharks will be introduced in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

While there is speculation about how Chris Hemsworth’s character will lose weight in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” PETA has an idea that it has shared with director Taika Waititi. The organization wants the superhero to use a vegan diet to get rid of the fat in his body and at the same time help play a positive role in protecting the planet.

PETA representative Lewis Crary has written a letter to Waititi and asked him to consider making Thor switch to a vegan diet, CBR reported. One of the reasons why the superhero should make the change, according to the letter, is the fact that Hemsworth had a vegan diet while filming the first “Thor” and “Avengers” films. According to the actor’s trainer, he used to eat a lot of beans and veggie burgers at that time.

A vegan diet also makes sense for Thor as a protector of Earth, according to the PETA letter. Crary explained that a vegan diet will help “save more than 1,000 gallons of water, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and 30 square feet of forest each day as well as the lives of nearly 200 animals a year.”

While it remains to be seen what diet Hemsworth’s character will have in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Waititi recently teased that the fans may not see the superhero as being overweight, CBR reported. During an Instagram Live chat with the fans, the director said that they are still figuring out what to do with the God of Thunder’s weight problem, but he added that the Fat Thor is “done.”

Waititi also teased some exciting new elements from the comic books that the fans can expect to see in the upcoming film. Starsharks will make their first appearance in the upcoming film, Screen Rant reported.

In the comics, Starsharks were seen floating in space and they are also connected to the “X-Men” villains known as The Broods. Will Waititi introduce “X-Men” characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is scheduled to be released on Feb. 18, 2022. More details about the plot and the characters may surface online when the production begins.

Thor Love and Thunder
Casting for "Thor: Love and Thunder" may have started. Thor/Facebook