Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson is going to portray the new heroine Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok.” The actress is seen here at the Harlem Women's Round-table Conversation at Row House on April 1 in New York City. Getty Images/Mireya Acierto

Will Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie play a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This seems to be the case after the actress was spotted by an avid fan at the location where the upcoming “Avengers” movies are being filmed.

Marvel has moved the filming location of “Avengers: Infinity War” from Edinburgh, Scotland to Durham, England. There, a fan named Fahr Sindram managed to take a selfie with Thompson near the historic Durham Cathedral.

Comic Book Resources said this selfie does not guarantee anything, but it does provide a big clue regarding her involvement in future Marvel movies.

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When asked earlier by Entertainment Weekly about Valkyrie’s future in Marvel, Thompson already hinted that it’s possible she will appear in more movies aside from “Thor: Ragnarok.” “You never know where people will pop up. In the next phase, the hope is to find ways to interweave all these characters, and certainly with ‘Infinity War,’ those are the culmination of a lot of work since ‘Iron Man,’” she said. “She’s part of the tapestry now. For me, it’s exciting to join at a time with young actors like Brie Larson and Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan. We’re all hopefully going to meet in one of these movies.”

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth believes his character, Thor, is quite happy to be meeting Valkyrie even though she turned him over to the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), the ruler of Sakaar, to become an intergalactic gladiator. “Thor is a bit of a fanboy for the Valkyrie, the elite women warriors,” Hemsworth said.

Hemsworth did not say whether or not Thor will fall in love with Valkyrie. However, if spoilers obtained by Screen Greek are to be believed, there will be nothing romantic going on between Thor and Valkyrie. They will reportedly forge a friendship, and Valkyrie will even help Thor get out of the gladiator arena in order to defeat Hela (Cate Blanchett).

Speaking of Hela, she is the most formidable opponent Thor has ever faced in his life. During their first battle, Thor loses to her, and even his ever-faithful hammer Mjölnir won’t work against her. Due to her strength and power, Thor’s mischievous half-brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has no choice but to team up with Thor in order to defeat her and reclaim Asgaard.

“It’s the kind of destruction that both Thor and Loki have never seen, on a scale of terror they’ve never ever seen before. So, they fall back on their brotherhood, fractured though it is, to see what they can do to stop her,” Hiddleston told IGN of their partnership.

The two will also get help from Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange.

As for Blanchett, she revealed the reason why Hela is hellbent on causing destruction at her wake. “She’s been locked away for millennia getting more and more cross, and then, with a mistake, she gets unleashed and she ain’t getting back in that box,” she revealed.

“Thor: Ragnarok” will be released on Nov. 3, while “Avengers: Infinity War” will hit the big screen on May 4, 2018.