Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster in “Thor: Ragnarok” is not sporting his trademark blue hue. In this photo, the actor poses at the GQ Men of the Year Party in West Hollywood, California on Dec. 8, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Comic book fans all know that the Grandmaster, to be played by Jeff Goldblum in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” film, is colored blue. However, director Taika Waititi decided to let him forego his signature hue in the Marvel film.

Goldblum’s Grandmaster only had a blue streak running down his chin, and his hair and clothes showed hints of blue. When IGN asked about this drastic changed, the filmmaker answered simply, “Because he did another movie where he was blue.”

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Waititi was referring to the 1988 box office flop titled “Earth Girls are Easy,” according to Movie Web. In it, Goldblum played Mac, a blue-skinned alien who crash-landed in a pool that belonged to girls from Southern California.

Maybe Waititi did not want “Thor: Ragnarok” to be compared to that film or for movie audiences to confuse the two characters. After all, they both come from outer space.

At the same time, Waititi made changes to another comic book character, Korg, an 8-foot-tall rock creature that originated from Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” comic storyline. Waititi played the character for the movie, although he admitted he initially wanted to get another actor for it. “Obviously, being made of rocks, we wanted somebody like The Rock to play him, but there wasn’t enough chicken or salmon in Australia to sustain he and Chris,” he jokingly told Entertainment Weekly. “I never thought I’d be playing the most lovable character in the film.”

Lovable is a far-off description, given what Korg looks like. However, it seems like Waititi succeeded in his endeavor. “We wanted to change the idea of what a hulking guy made of rocks could be,” he said. “He’s huge and heavy, but with a light soul. We wanted to make him funny and a relatable entry point into this world. And Thor needs friends.”

“Thor: Ragnarok” will be released on Nov. 3.