Thor: Ragnarok
Stan Lee will make his best cameo yet in “Thor: Ragnarok.” Marvel

A Marvel film will not be complete without a Stan Lee cameo, and “Thor: Ragnarok” is no exception. In fact, the film’s director and lead star teased that the third film of the “Thor” franchise has the best Lee cameo yet.

In a video message sent to Lee last month for his imprint ceremony at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theater, Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi raved about the comic book writer’s appearance in “Thor: Ragnarok.” “We’re here shooting [Ragnarok],” Hemsworth said. “In which you did a cameo today, which is your best one yet, I think.”

“[I] met you the other day. You came in and... your cameo is one of the funniest things in the film,” the director added.

But what exactly did Lee do that made his cameo so hilarious? Lee’s manager, Max Anderson, talked about it during the Wizard World Nashville event, according to Comic Book. While Anderson didn’t share exactly what Lee did, he did tease, “Then they said, ‘Stan, what would you do?’ He did improv, and he nailed it. Everybody loved that scene. They were like, ‘This is going to be awesome.’ And all I can say is that he plays a big part in someone’s scene. It was so funny, man. I’m telling you.”

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige earlier revealed that “Ragnarok” will conclude the “Thor” trilogy, and it will open up the storyline for their next “Avenger” film. “I think that we are finding ourselves as we complete Phase 3 and finish this 22-movie narrative that it’s working out that way,” he told the Toronto Sun. “We did three ‘Iron Man’ films, three ‘Captain America’ films, three ‘Thor’ films. Things change drastically in ‘Ragnarok’ and then build directly into ‘Infinity War.’”

Several new players will be introduced in “Ragnarok,” and one of them might even be included in “Infinity War.” Some fans suspect that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will play a huge role in the upcoming movie, so she would probably be joining Hemsworth’s Thor as he fights alongside his fellow Avengers.

“Thor: Ragnarok” will be released on Nov. 3.