The route from New York to Los Angeles has affectionally been referred to as the Cannonball Run, which until now comprised an impressive speed record of 28 hours and 50 minutes to complete. Three men set out to break the current record that was set in 2013, and not only did they beat it, but they also shattered it.

While the Cannonball run is illegal on several levels, it is a dream of many to endure and beat the current record holders. For Arne Toman, Doug Tabutt, and Berkeley Chadwick, a customized 2015 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and hundreds of hours of planning were all they needed to run the route in a record-breaking 27 hours and 25 minutes, Road & Track reported.

To ensure they would make the journey in record time, they converted the E63 AMG with a 700-horsepower powertrain boost thanks to an Alpha 9 package with upgraded turbos, downpipes, intercooler, and intake, the news outlet said. Additional modifications to the vehicle reportedly included brake light and taillight kill switches and the camouflaging of the carbon fiber trim with silver vinyl to blend in.

The men also used a built-in Net Radar radar detector, Escort Max 360 radar detector that was mounted to the windshield, an AL Priority laser jammer system, and an aircraft collision avoidance system all in attempts to thwart the law and achieve their ultimate end-goal, the news outlet said.

To also make sure they weren’t pulled over by the police for speeding, 18 friends reportedly joined in to act as lookouts and help move cars out of the way of the incoming E63 AMG that was traveling at a top speed of 193 mph with an average trip speed of 103 mph.

"Having that many spotters is something we all would have dreamt of," Bolian told Road & Track. "Their greatest success was in inspiring that many people to go out in the middle of the night, drive into the middle of nowhere, and help them beat something everyone said was impossible."

Ed Bolian and Dave Black set the record for the Cannonball run in 2013, breaking Alex Roy’s and Dave Maher’s record of 31 hours and four minutes set back in 2006.

Mercedes-Benz AMG
The Cannonball Run speed record has been shattered by three men and a modified Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG car. Mercedes-AMG E63 AMG V8 biturbo saloon car in Mercedes-AMG showroom and gallery in Stuttgart, Bavaria, Germany Getty Images/Tim Graham