It looks like Tiffany Trump has made a new friend with whom she is quite comfortable. Photos and videos surfaced Thursday showing Donald Trump's daughter partying in the Hamptons on July 4 and cozying up to this man.

During the Fourth of July celebrations, the first daughter was seen wearing a stunning blue dress flashing her leg. Photos also showed Tiffany getting close to man, believed to be named Chris Allam, who works over at nightlife group Tao, Daily Mail reported.

“There was Secret Service and a lot of security at the house, so they had to be there for someone important. I had way too much to drink so I didn’t recognize anyone," a source told Page Six. 

Allam posted a photo with Tiffany on social media as the two have been spending time together this week. Tiffany and Allam were accompanied by friends Peter Brant and Andrew Warren at the huge estate of 1Oak owner Richie Akiva.

According to Daily Mail, Allam attended Darien High School and later Hobart College before launching a clothing line with friends, Pelican Breeze LLC. After the clothing line attempt failed, he went on to working as the assistant to the head of marketing at Next Step Realty.

Currently he is an employee of the Tao Group, which also runs clubs such as Lavo, Beauty & Essex and Marquee in New York; Avenue in Los Angeles; Tao in Las Vegas; and a Sydney outpost of Marquee. 

In March, Tiffany broke up with her boyfriend of two years Ross Mechanic. 

“Tiffany and Ross’ relationship had become pretty serious, but they quietly broke up late last year. It was all about her moving to DC. Ross didn’t want her to go there without him, as he lives in New York. He wanted to be with her 24/7, and with Tiffany away in another city, it became a huge disagreement, and they decided to go their separate ways," a source told Page Six at the time.

The source added, “I think it was hard for Ross to understand [that] Tiffany needs to put her future first. She isn’t dating anyone else, she is just really focused on law school, her studies and becoming her own person.”

Just the day before Independence Day, Tiffany shared a video of her huge NYC apartment. In an Instagram video, Tiffany was in the process of hanging a portrait of herself, and said: “Almost done hanging. But can anyone help me patch up these holes? Please?” 

Celebrating New York City's Pride Week last month, Tiffany posted videos of her to Instagram Story decorating a t-shirt and denim jacket with colorful nail polish and paint. The clothes were decorated in preparation for her to meet her friends. 

"When in the car with no paint ... I use polish," she captioned one video. 

She was later seen posing for a photo with 25-year-old fashion designer Andrew Warren outside Soho House in New York.