An eight-year-old girl from Roseville, Michigan, nearly lost her life after attempting a viral magic trick circulating on TikTok.

The trick required the girl to insert a dice into her mouth and roll it around to make it "disappear." When the girl couldn’t find a dice at home, she decided to use a quarter instead.

Things took an ugly turn when the girl, identified as Dhakota, ended up swallowing the quarter, leaving her gasping for breath.

"She said she couldn’t swallow. She couldn’t breathe hardly and that’s when I and her mother started to panic," the girl’s father told local television station WDIV-TV.

The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital by her parents. An X-ray revealed that the coin was stuck sideways in her throat.

"I didn’t know how bad the situation was until they brought the x-ray back and I saw the quarter right there in her esophagus. It killed me, man," her father told the station.

The girl underwent an emergency procedure and the coin was removed from the throat.

She has since been discharged from the hospital and was doing fine. The girl will, however, have to go to the hospital regularly for follow up.

Warning other parents about such dangers, Dhakota’s father said, "This could happen to any child. Everybody in the city, anybody in the world, they should delete that off their kid’s phone or their tablet because it’s dangerous, man. I could’ve lost my kid."

The incident comes two months after an Oklahoma teen died after doing the viral Benadryl challenge, which involves TikTokers to take large amounts of the anti-allergy medication. Chloe Phillips, 15, was pronounced dead after overdosing on the medication.

Asking parents to stay vigilant, the girl’s aunt said, "This needs to stop taking our kids or putting them in hospital. I don’t want to see any families go through what we are going through right now. Don’t ever say this can’t happen to you. Kids are like, 'the other person was okay, so I’ll be okay.' Try to always know what your kids are doing or taking."

A TikTok logo is pictured. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer