A TikToker has accused a restaurant in Texas of segregating the White and Black people in their seating arrangement. A video shared by prominent TikToker Trinity Newman to show her shocking claim soon went viral and has sparked a controversy.

Newman shared the video clip on her account @trinitycomedy after visiting the unnamed restaurant and expressed her shock at the suspicious seating arrangement,  Daily Dot reported. “So..All one color on one side and the others in the larger area? I can't make this up,” she captioned the video that has gathered more than 389,000 views.

The  video  begins by showing Newman looking suspiciously while the caption reads "we are seated in a restaurant and immediately noticed something." The camera then spans to show the tables near her that are occupied by people of color, all except a table at the back where an elderly White man is dining. She then shows the other side of a restaurant that is separated by a staircase, where all the tables are occupied by White diners.


Soooo all one color on one side and the others in the larger area?! …. I can’t make this up. ##segregation ##wow ##texas ##foryou ##fyp ##foryoupage

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The video soon sparked a heated discussion in the comment section.

Some viewers shared the opinion that the act was a clear "segregation," and agreed to Newman's suspicion. Some others believed that the seating pattern was just a coincidence and accused Newman of making a controversy out of nothing.

"Always reaching," a viewer commented on her video. "When you are always looking for it. You will make it up everywhere," another criticized. 

Some viewers said many restaurants generally follow a rotation system for seating and the seating arrangements are just random. "I work in a restaurant and I can guarantee you no one has the patience to segregate. You go in order with the tables," a viewer said.

When the viewers accused her of overthinking the issue, Newman said: "Before I would just eat and not notice but racism is at an all-time high where you can't help but see."

Newman also made a subsequent video where she replied to the accusation that she was "reaching,"  KKAM  reported. She said people who have not experienced racism in their lives have no right to criticize her.

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