Tim Allen teased that his animated character Buzz Lightyear and Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, will return in the upcoming installment of "Toy Story."

Considering how "Toy Story 4" ended, it seemed like fans would not get to see their favorite characters share the screen again, Screenrant reported. However, Allen's recent tweet after Disney confirmed a new sequel in the animated movie series indicated that the characters might come together in the upcoming installment, "Toy Story 5."

Following the announcement from Disney that the fifth installment of "Toy Story" is in the works, Allen tweeted a photo of Buzz Lightyear on Wednesday and captioned it, "See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man and you have my pity."

He added, "And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!"

The tweet came after Disney announced that three of their most popular franchises will be getting sequels — "Toy Story," "Frozen" and "Zootopia."

"Today I'm so pleased to announce that we have sequels in the works from our animation studios to some of our most popular franchises, Toy Story, Frozen, and Zootopia," Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Wednesday, Deadline reported. "We'll have more to share about these productions soon. but this is a great example of how we're leaning into our unrivaled brands and franchises."

The announcement isn't a surprise for fans, considering all three franchises have been profitable and loved by the audience. Moreover, "Frozen 2," "Zootopia" and "Toy Story 4" were also nominated for Academy Awards and each of them made over $1 billion at the box office.

After the success of the first two installments of "Toy Story" in the 90s, the third installment took over 10 years as "Toy Story 3" was released in 2010. The fourth installment, "Toy Story 4" came out in 2019.

The successful franchise also has a spin-off released last year, titled "Lightyear," which was centered around Buzz Lightyear's character (voiced by Chris Evans). As far as "Frozen" is concerned, it came out in 2013 and the sequel was released in 2019.

"Zootopia," on the other hand, was dropped in 2016 and the sequel is currently under-development stage.

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