Rookie real estate agents generally are nervous about their first listing appointment, but there are some measures they can take to make it a good experience for themselves and their careers.

Experts encourage them to let the seller do nearly all of the talking, which helps them learn about the seller's motivation and gather information about the home that will be used to set the asking price.

Sellers also are impressed when someone really listens to what they have to say. Additionally, new agents need to be comfortable discussing their commission fees, and they should be confident that they are worth the fee so that they can convince the seller.

They should be willing to go beyond expectations for their first few listings, spending money on various forms of marketing and spending as much time and effort as necessary to set an appropriate asking price. Experts say such a strategy will impress clients and give them an opportunity to test different listing techniques.

Source: Realty Times, Jennifer Allan (09/30/09)