“Titanfall 2” developer Respawn Entertainment has decided to give fans what they are asking for, so ahead of the first-person shooter’s release this October, the team of developers working on the game is making some changes and fixing some issues to improve the overall gameplay of the “Titanfall” sequel.

On Wednesday, Respawn’s multiplayer game designer Steven DeRose took to the official “Titanfall” website to inform their passionate fans that the feedback they provided really taught the team a lot of valuable things when it comes to the issues they need to address before the final game that is due to arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 28.

Highlighted in the blog entry, titled “‘Titanfall 2’ Multiplayer Tech Test and Your Feedback,” are the changes the developers are making in pilot mobility. DeRose admitted that the mobility of the game was modified for the sequel because of the team's desire to improve gunplay. However, since this has slowed down the movement of the player, the game’s developers will now fix air speed and wall-running speed.

Another issue that the Tech Test players apparently pointed out to the developer is the flat and open design of the game’s map. DeRose stated that the maps they created for “Titanfall 2” provide unique experiences. In addition, DeRose also revealed that this weekend, players will get the chance to see a new map called Forwardbase Kodai. Furthermore, the game desinger has promised that Respawn will be showcasing more maps in the next couple of weeks, ThisGenGaming has learned.

Other changes that Respawn developers are going to focus on at present have to do with the Titan Meter, Titan Survivability, Titan Mobility and HUD. In concluding his post, DeRose thanked the Tech Test players who participated in the first weekend. He also encouraged the players to join the Tech Test this upcoming weekend, since the players’s feedback is being heard and is impacting the game in preparation for its official release.

DeRose’s post comes amid criticisms and backlash from test players who were pretty dissatisfied with the key changes made in the sequel that made it different from the original. Moreover, Kotaku noted that many Tech Test players were underwhelmed by the experience “Titanfall 2” provided them.