Gypsy Sisters
Reports have surfaced claiming TLC has decided to pull the plug on "Gypsy Sisters" after four seasons. (From left: Nettie Stanley, Annie Williams, JoAnn Wells, Kayla Williams, Mellie Stanley.) TLC/"Gypsy Sisters"

Bad news for "Gypsy Sisters" fans. After four drama-filled seasons TLC has reportedly decided to cancel the show. While many have speculated the cancellation is related to a previous incident involving Mellie Stanley's husband, Randall Scott Vuncannon, the network insists that is not the case.

According to TMZ the show has been pulled due to a decrease in ratings. TLC decided that with fewer viewers tuning in, it was time to move on. The site reports that the network was toying with the idea of axing the show, but had not made any final decisions until now. None of the show's cast members have addressed the show's abrupt end at this time.

"Gypsy Sisters" cancellation comes just 10 days after news broke that Mellie's husband had killed a dog. According to reports from TMZ, the couple got into a heated argument that ended in Randall throwing the dog "across the kitchen as hard as he could." Police arrived on the scene shortly after the incident occured to find a battered Millie in the street and a dead dog inside the home. He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

If the reports are true, this will be the second series pulled from TLC's regular lineup. On July 16, the network announced that they would no longer air new episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" following news that ones of the series' stars, Josh Duggar, had molested several girls at the age of 14. The decision came nearly two months after the initial story broke, which left many fans of the network unhappy.

TLC has not yet made an official announcement about the show's fate.