Get ready for a new season of "Unexpected." The TLC show will air its third season this month. 

"The eye-opening show takes a raw look at several teenage couples’ journeys through parenthood and the responsibilities that fall upon each family as they struggle to raise multiple generations, oftentimes under the same roof," the press release described. "Not every family member sees eye to eye with the teens when it comes to child-rearing, and tension is inevitable when roles become blurred."

The Season 3 premiere doesn't air until Sunday but fans can catch up with the returning couples and get to know the newest members of the cast now. 

McKayla, 18 and Caelan, 20: This OG couple will return to the series for the upcoming season. Fans can follow along as the couple simultaneously deals with their relationship issues and being pregnant with their second child. McKayla and Caelan already have a 2-year-old son, Timothy. Caelan claims that McKayla keeps the children from him, so this custody battle will likely play out on television screens. 


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Chloe, 17 and Max, 19: Also an OG, this season will see Chloe parenting her 1-year-old daughter Ava essentially as a single mom while attempting to maintain distance from both her family and Ava's father, who is facing jail time. The teen dad was arrested for stealing credit cards and cash from his friend's 77-year-old grandmother. 


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The new season of "Unexpected" will also introduce fans to four new couples (Hailey, 16 and Matthew, 16;  Rilah, 16 and Anthony, 18; Tyra, 18 and Alex, 18; Tiarra, 16 and Dee,18) who will navigate through all the challenges of teenage pregnancy and parenthood. 

Season 3 of "Unexpected" premieres August 4th at 10 pm EST on TLC. 

TLC Unexpected - Chloe Chloe, her daughter Ava, mom Jessica, stepdad Nate and sister Brooklyn Photo: TLC