• "Tokyo Revengers" 212 is scheduled to release on Wednesday
  • Fans are wondering if they would see Mikey in the upcoming chapter
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 212 might showcase the clash between the strongest gangs in Tokyo

"Tokyo Revengers" 212 might showcase the clash between two of the most notorious delinquent groups in Tokyo, which could ignite the start of the great war and also possibly reveal Mikey's deep link to Brahman.

The previous chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" revealed Terano South's ultimate plan about Draken and his friends – Takemichi and Inupi. Apparently, the top dog of the RoKuhara Tendai wanted to recruit the former vice captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. In the last chapter, South Terano revealed that the main reason why he came to Tokyo was to defeat the invincible Tokyo Manji Gang. 

He also told Draken that he shared with the gang's vision of making an era for the delinquents. Draken bluntly refused Terano's invitation and told him he had retired. But, his refusal was met with South's violent opposition. The representative of the RoKuhara Tendai believes Draken's resolve to retire is unforgivable as for him, the strongest stays the strongest regardless of whether they got killed or "eaten" in a dog-eat-dog world.

Terano also recognized Takemichi and told the time traveler that he would be next after he beat Draken. In the middle of one-sided violence, Akashi Takeomi, Brahman's second in command, arrived, along with the members of the gang. It turned out that Takeomi was the former vice president of the first generation of Black Dragon.

Sano Shinichiro was the leader and founder of the Black Dragon. He is also the older brother of Sano Manjiro or Mikey, as he is fondly called by his peers in the manga. Shinichiro wanted Mikey to take over his throne as the leader of Black Dragon, but it did not happen.

It appears that Mikey has a deep link with Brahman, but so far, that is the only clue revealed in the manga. If Draken would fight against South Terano or Akashi Takeomi in "Tokyo Revengers" 212, it would be a battle between vice captains. However, if Ken Ryuguji (Draken) does this, it's also a declaration that he has not yet retired from the world of delinquents.

Will Mikey's Kantou Manji gang arrive at the scene to save Draken, Takemitchy and Inupi? Will Takemitchy accept Terano's invitation? All these questions would be answered when "Tokyo Revengers" 212 officially releases Wednesday. 

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