• "Tokyo Revengers" 217 is scheduled to drop Wednesday
  • The official chapter is available at Kodansha
  • The upcoming manga installment might offer updates on Takemichi

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" is quite a revelation but aside from the surprise gender reveal of Senju, the manga also teased about Takemichi's vision and Sanzu's real intention.

"Tokyo Revengers" 217 is still a few days away but fans of the manga can't wait to see if the upcoming chapter would offer some insights on Takemichi's vision. In the latest manga installment, after Senju threw her ice cream stick to Takemichi, the time traveler had a premonition. The manga describes it as a vision, where Takemichi saw himself crying over the dying Senju.

The leader of the Brahman Gang is wearing the group's uniform and lying on the ground. The vision also shows Senju telling the time traveler that he fulfilled his promise. Some fans believe that Takemichi keeping his promise would lead to Senju's death.

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They think the vision that the time traveler saw could be similar to the incident that happened with Emma. Several others theorize that the promise has something to do with going out and eating ice cream again. But, instead of having fun, they would be attacked by another gang leading to Senju's death.

Another question that fans want to be answered in "Tokyo Revengers" 217 is about Sanzu Haruchiyo's identity. In the latest manga installment, Senju told Takemichi that Akashi and Sanzu are his older brothers. While it is easy to accept this fact, it looks like there is more to this than the manga lets on.

Fans now doubt the real identity and agenda of Sanzu considering he previously said he is the only child. If Senju is telling the truth, which she probably is, it appears that Sanzu lied about his identity. Fans believe he did this to get close to Mikey emotionally and whatever his intention is, it could be something that is not good for Mikey.

Senju told Takemichi that Sanzu is not at all concerned about the leadership at Brahman. Aside from that, he does not care if Senju is the strongest among them. Unfortunately, Brahman's lady boss did not reveal why, but it looks like "Tokyo Revengers" 217 could offer answers related to this.

"Tokyo Revengers" 217 is scheduled to drop Wednesday. Fans can check out the official manga at Kodansha.