• "Tokyo Revengers" 222 is titled "Give Back"
  • The upcoming chapter is set to release on Sept. 22
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 223 might show Mikey, Brahman's reactions to amusement park incident

The most recent chapter of the phenomenal manga series created by Ken Wakui has crushed many fans for "Tokyo Revengers" 223 would most likely show the end of one of the most beloved characters-Draken.

Chapter 221 Highlights

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" is nothing short of heartbreaking, especially for fans of Ken-chin. The hit manga series is known for its dark and bittersweet narrative and it looks like the final arc is treading on this route if the latest events are of any indication.

Draken lay on the ground, misty-eyed, vision slowly blurring because of rain and tears with hearing sense quickly fading. The brave Takemichi tried to hold back his tears, but he just couldn't and while he did not want Draken to die, the former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji gang certainly knew the scythe of death was just a mile away.

Mikey & Draken | Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken's intro Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

Draken asked Takemichi to take care of Mikey and asked him not to blame himself for jumping on various timelines. He said his imminent death is because of his own will and since Takemichi saved his life, he would gladly put his on the line for the time traveler.

The former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji gang also shared with Takemichi that he, too, had his own share of defeats. And each time he was defeated, he would lie down on the ground and look at the sky.

He also mentioned Mikey has never experienced defeat in any of the fights he had. Draken shared how he admired Mikey and the current top dog of the Kantou Manji gang would have to bear all the burden as if it is nothing.

Chapter 223Predictions And Spoilers

With Draken is seemingly in the final hour of his life on earth, "Tokyo Revengers" 223 might reveal some interesting details about his life. Fans might see his backstory after the Tokyo Manji gang disbanded in the upcoming manga installment.

Fan theories claim that Takemichi might travel to the future and return to another timeline to save Draken should he die in the upcoming chapter of the manga. More than anything, this theory is wishful thinking, indicating how fans love the character.

Fans might also get a glimpse of the reaction of the Brahman gang following the events at the amusement park in "Tokyo Revengers" 223. Most importantly, whatever happens to Draken will affect Mikey in a very different way. This could dictate the flow of the upcoming battle of the three deities.

Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

The manga drops a new chapter every week and if there are no changes or delays in the schedule, fans could see "Tokyo Revengers" on Sept. 22. The early set of spoilers usually surfaces online sometime between Sunday and Monday.

As for the raw scans, fans can check them out on the night of Sept. 21, a few hours before the official release of the manga. "Tokyo Revengers" is now in its final arc and it seems that Ken Wakui is slowly laying the ground for the manga's dark and bittersweet ending.

The latest manga installment is titled "Give Back." Fans can read the official manga issue of "Tokyo Revengers" on Kodansha.


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