• "One Piece" 1025 will reportedly release on Sunday
  • The upcoming chapter is titled "Picture of Two Dragons"
  • "One Piece" 1025 raw scans are now out

The Summit War of Marineford is one of the most unforgettable and momentous battles fans have witnessed in the series. While the war went down in history as the epic battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines, it appears that Kaido would have participated in that war too if not for Shanks. Interestingly, "One Piece" 1025 raw scans hinted at the possible reason why the Beasts Pirates wanted to be at that historic battle.

The raw scans of "One Piece" 1025 are now available online thanks to the insider known as Abo_3Wad_ and friends. Based on the scans, fans would learn how the adult Momosuke and Luffy made their way to the roof of Skull Dome.

More importantly, it somehow revealed Kaido's motive for going to Marineford. It appears that Kaido and Yamato are talking while fighting and at one point Kaido told his son that no matter what name he uses or how hard he tries to be a samurai, he could never deny the fact that he is his son and has Oni's blood running in his body.

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To which Yamato replied by saying, his blood does not matter and hit his father in the face with a kanabo, but Kaido kept on talking. The governor-general of the Beasts Pirates mocked his son and told him that he has always been alone, running around and hiding in the castle.

But Yamato disagreed and told him he had a friend and at that point, he remembered Ace. Kaido gloated and said Yamato's friend is dead along with the samurai and other people who were nice to him.

According to "One Piece" 1025 raw scans, Kaido killed one of his subordinates who was kind to his son. Unfortunately, Yamato witnessed how that subordinate was executed on a wooden crosshead like the one Hack the Drought used to torture the Minks in the Zou arc.

These details seemingly hinted at the possibility that Kaido, along with King, wanted to be at the Summit War of Marineford to kill Ace, Yamato's friend. It looks like Kaido's main goal is to kill whoever gets close to his son to crush his spirit and eventually submit to his will.

"One Piece" 1025 is titled "Picture of Two Dragons." The upcoming manga chapter will reportedly drop on Sunday.


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