• "Tokyo Revengers" 222 to release on Sept. 15
  • As per the latest chapter, Takemichi and Senju are fine
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 221 showed Mikey after a long time

"Tokyo Revengers" 222 is the release many fans would ache to read considering the last scene in the most recent chapter showed an injured Draken lying on the ground.

Chapter 221 Highlights

The most recent chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" is titled "The Ups And Downs Of His Fate" and just like earlier predictions, it is in a way similar to the 8/3 event.

Draken arrived at the amusement park to help Takemichi and Senju, who both came out unscathed following the series of gunshots. The gunman and his crew fled the scene after causing hysteria in the location.

Mikey & Draken | Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken's intro Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

The latest chapter also showed Mikey after being absent in several episodes following Takemichi's time jump. Mikey appeared uneasy and when Haruchiyo Sanzu asked him about it, he said he had a bad feeling about that night.

In the amusement park, Draken and Takemichi talked about the Rokuhara Tandai members who attacked Takemichi. Draken also believed the upcoming War of Three Deities might be more than just a delinquent conflict.

Takemichi also told Draken about his new ability to be able to see the future. He also thanked Ken-chin for being the instrument in helping him prevent a terrible outcome and successfully changed the future.

Their conversation was interrupted when Senju told them that it's time to go. But, Draken asked Takemichi to tell Mikey not to get into too much trouble.

Bewildered about what Draken was asking him to do, he turned around and saw the former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang fall on the ground -- lying on his back and soaking in blood while the gloomy sky wept. Suddenly, it's like the 8/3 event again.

Chapter 222 Predictions And Spoilers

The next chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" will tell what happens to Draken and regardless if he survives this attempt in his life, the consequences will be lethal. Brahman will definitely retaliate since the act did not only threaten the lives of two of their members but also the life of their leader Senju.

Mikey and Draken's bond after years of being away from each other is still strong. It is interesting to see how Mikey will react if he learns what happened to Draken.

Rokuhara Tandai's latest action definitely earned Brahman's fury and Mikey's revenge. Regardless of the gang's strength, it is hard to imagine how it could survive the cataclysmic retribution Brahman and what Bonten would bring to them.

"Tokyo Revengers" 222 might reveal the reaction of the key characters in the story following the incident at the amusement park. Fans might also learn about Draken's condition.

Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

"Tokyo Revengers" drops a new manga installment every week. If there are no delays or changes in the usual schedule, fans can expect a new chapter on Sept. 15.

The early set of spoilers for "Tokyo Revengers" 222 could surface online between Saturday and Monday. Meanwhile, fans can check out the raw scans Tuesday night.