• "Tokyo Revengers" 225 releases Wednesday
  • The upcoming chapter is reportedly titled "Free for All"
  • Fans will finally see Mikey in action in the upcoming chapter

With the hit manga getting more interesting with the arrival of Sano Manjiro, "Tokyo Revengers 225" will reportedly showcase the heavily anticipated mega brawl between the top three gangs in Tokyo — Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman and Kantou Manji.

Thanks to the insiders within the community, several panels of the upcoming "Tokyo Revengers" installment have surfaced online ahead of its official release. 

Apparently, the street brawl starts with Mikey telling Koko (Hajime Kokonoi) to leave things to Haruchiyo (Sanzu Haruchiyo) while the rest of the Kantou Manji will is left to watch things unfold at the moment.

The leaked panels of the upcoming chapter also revealed Mikey has no idea of what has happened to his beloved friend Draken. 

Mikey & Draken | Tokyo Revengers Tokyo Revengers: Mikey and Draken's intro Photo: Crunchyroll FR Official YouTube Channel

In one of the panels, South Terano asks Mikey what he is doing in the amusement park and in response, Mikey tells him he is there because he has heard Takemichi is being targeted.

Meanwhile, Wakasa (Wakasa Imaushi), one of the founding members of the Black Dragon and now of Brahman, asks Takemichi to take care of Senju so he can fight alongside Benkei (Keizo Arashi).

In one of the panels of the much-awaited chapter, readers could see some Rokuhara gang members holding Takeomi (Takeomi Akashi).

As South Terano tries to punch Takeomi, Benkei and Wakasa appear with the former shielding  Takeomi and the latter kicking South. Wakasa then tells South they will be his opponent.

It appears readers will not yet see Mikey's reaction to Draken's death in the upcoming chapter, considering the fact that he is in the place to protect Takemichi.

Based on the leaked panels, the next chapter will also showcase the reunion of the three siblings — Senju, Takeomi and Haruchiyo.

The upcoming  "Tokyo Revengers" Volume 26, which will open with Chapter 225, will reportedly have lead color pages and Extra Edition ZERO chapter published in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The upcoming chapter, which is reportedly titled "Free for All," will be released Wednesday.