• "One Piece" 1027 is titled "
  • The upcoming chapter drops Sunday
  • "One Piece" 1027 will reportedly showcase Momonosuke's newly learned skill

"One Piece" 1027 will showcase Momo finally learning how to use Flame Clouds, King and Zoro's epic fight and Luffy's one-on-one bout with the powerful yonko, Kaido.

The latest set of "One Piece" 1027 raw scans are now available online thanks to the industry insiders. The first part of the chapter will show the victorious Nekomamushi covering his eyes to remain in his normal form while Charlotte Perospero lie knocked out on the ground.

Onigashima is still floating in the night sky as the clouds continue to part caused by Luffy and Kaido's collision. While Yamato watches the yonko-tier battle, Luffy asks him to help Momonosuke, who is, at that time on the edge of the floating island and unable to jump.

ONE PIECE 第986話予告「戦う音楽! ルフィを襲う能力!」 0-21 screenshot 「ONE PIECE」8月8日(日)放送予告 第986話予告「戦う音楽! ルフィを襲う能力!」 Photo: YouTube Screenshot/ One Piece Official YouTube Channel

Yamato jumps on Momo's head and teaches him about the Flame Cloud. Kaido, however, notices this and tries to go after his son and Momo. Luffy stops Yonko by wrapping his legs around Kaido's neck.

Meanwhile, after freaking out upon learning that Kaido is going after them, Momo falls from the island and Luffy calls Yamato. Kaido's son answers, "I understand, you wanna fight alone, right?" As he was falling, Yamato teaches Momo how to create Flame Clouds and readers will see in "One Piece" 1027 Oden's son finally walking in the sky.

Yamato also notices that rocks are slowly falling off the floating island of Onigashima and eventually realizes that the entire island is about to collapse. He infers that this could be due to Kaido's power growing weak and unstable.

Yamato also tells Momonosuke that if Kaido gets defeated the Flame Clouds that hold the floating island will disappear. The floating island is like a massive bomb because of the significant amount of weapons and explosives on it and if it falls on the Flower Capital, both allies and enemies, including innocent people will be killed.

Momo's first thought is to tell Luffy about this while Yamato encourages him to create Flame Clouds to support the floating island. Yamato tells Oden's son that Luffy is already carrying everything on his back and since he can't defeat Kaido without the Straw Hats' captain, he must not give Luffy anything more to worry about.

Yamato also asks Momo to stop Onigashima from plummeting into the Flower Capital. On the live Floor, Queen is furious after seeing King attacks everyone indiscriminately. King's attacks are too powerful that even if Zoro was able to stop it using his swords, it sends him flying through the wall.

King has also transformed into his hybrid form and readers will see in "One Piece" 1027 Kaido's most powerful minion's body in human form but with arms of Pteradonon wings and a crest on his head. Zoro manages to damage King's mask, which exposes some parts of his face.

Subordinates speculate that no one has ever seen King's face and it could be the reason why he is so furious. The exposed part of King's face shows he has light-colored hair combed back and slightly dark skin. It also looks like he has a mark or a tattoo above his eye.

"One Piece" 1027 will also show Zoro and King's bout and after several exchanges of powerful attacks -- Zoro flies through several walls, spits blood from his mouth and lands outside the castle.

"One Piece" 1027 drops Sunday. The upcoming chapter is titled "Danger Beyond Imagination."