Tom Cruise at Scientology gala Leah Remini
Actor Tom Cruise reportedly attended a Scientology gala, despite accusations by Leah Remini. In his photo, his former wife Katie Holmes and Cruise attend the 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' U.S. premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Dec. 19, 2011 in New York City. Getty Images/Andrew H. Walker

Tom Cruise attended a gala hosted by the church of Scientology last month, despite the actor and the church being slammed by Leah Remini, recently. Remini’s criticism of the Scientology leaders and of Cruise and his former wife Katie Holmes had also triggered an apology from Holmes.

A report by Radar Online cited, Page Six, to report that the gala took place on the weekend followed after Oct. 23, at the house of the late leader L. Ron Hubbard in England. Cruise was seen happily posing for photos with guests at the event, which was reportedly attended by more than 7,500 guests, and was held to note a “sweeping accomplishment and spectacular triumph” of Scientology’s “impact as a planetary force for the humanitarian uplift and social betterment,” Radar Online reported.

Remini has released a new book named “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” in which she claimed that Holmes, who left Scientology, had made a “Knowledge Report” slamming Reminis’s behavior at Cruise and Holmes’ wedding in Rome. During the "20/20" interview last month Remini, who is no more a Scientology follower, disclosed details of some of its followers and about the religion itself.

Following Remini’s interview, Holmes had said: “I regret having upset Leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future.”

A report last week said that Cruise is furious because Holmes apologized to Remini. “It speaks volumes,” a source said, referring to Holmes’ apology, adding: “That one sentence makes it clear how regretful and remorseful Katie feels about her time with Tom and Scientology.”

“Katie is clearly getting back at Tom,” the source, reportedly said, adding: “This is the most aggressive she’s been since she blindsided him with divorce papers three years ago. She’s humiliating Tom again.”

“Tom is furious with Katie because he knows, and the church knows, that she has a nondisclosure agreement,” the source said. “Katie agreed not to spill any secrets.”

Cruise and Holmes got married in 2006, and got divorced six years later. The couple has a 9-year-old daughter Suri together, while Cruise has three other children -- 22-year-old daughter, Isabella Jane Cruise, and a 20-year-old son, Connor Antony Cruise -- with former wife Nicole Kidman.