• Diciembre and Tashia Farries tied the knot on Oct. 22
  • Their wedding guests were shocked when Tom Hanks suddenly appeared
  • Hanks chatted and took photos with the newlyweds for five minutes

Tom Hanks made a surprise appearance at a couple’s beach wedding in Santa Monica Pier, California. Couple Diciembre and Tashia Farries were celebrating their big day with their family and close friends when Hanks showed up to everyone’s surprise.

In a video posted on social media, the brides were posing for photos with their guests when the “Forrest Gump” actor crashed the festivities. “That’s Woody!” the guests were heard exclaiming, referring to Hanks’ character in Pixar’s “Toy Story” films.

“Oh man, my stock just exploded!” Hanks said as he met the couple.

In an interview with Today on Wednesday, Diciembre said they were shocked by the Oscar winner’s presence on their wedding day. “We were so in our own moment so for him to walk up, it was shocking and took a second for us to realize. It was the cherry on top for our big day,” Diciembre said.

The couple added that Hanks spent at least five minutes speaking with them and posing for pictures. They said he even asked for a photo with their one-year-old son, August.

“He said he noticed the ceremony and gave us many compliments and just said we looked beautiful. He gave us love advice and was just so positive and humble,” said the couple.

This isn’t the first time Hanks has crashed a wedding party. Back in 2016, he stopped by Central Park to say hello and take photos with a newlywed couple. Two years later, he surprised an Alabama couple by responding to their invitation to their wedding. While he was not able to make it to the ceremony, he invited the couple to be his guests at a play he was in.

Earlier this year, Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Wilson marked the occasion by posting a sweet photo of her with Hanks, writing, “33 years of marriage to my BFF, my lover, my man.”

Tom Hanks
"Forrest Gump" actor Tom Hanks, pictured April 26, 2017, called Harvey Weinstein an a--. Getty Images