Tomi Lahren believes Instagram is intentionally blocking her and other supporters from sharing pro-Trump messages on the social media platform.

Lahren took to her Instagram on Wednesday night after she was informed that a “Mean Girls” themed pro-Trump she shared was not showing up on her followers’ feed.

“So guys, I have been alerted to the fact that those of us posting pro-Trump things, like I did earlier today, our posts are not showing up in your feeds. If you notice this, please shoot me a DM. You know these people are cheaters, they’re shiesty, we have to pay attention to the censorship,” she said.

The post in question was a selfie of Lahren in a pink dress holding a pink Trump thermal cup. 

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink and support President Trump. #TeamTomi #Trump2020 #VoteTrump #KAG,” the captioned read.

Although Lahren isn’t happy about allegedly being censored over pro-Trump content, in the past, Instagram has been algorithmically in favor of the republican candidate.

In August, Buzzfeed reported that a bug on the social platform resulted in users who searched for hashtags related to democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ended up with the intended content, but also with a variety of pro-Trump messages.

However, users who searched for hashtags related to Trump were not exposed to any pro-Biden related content.

At the time, Raki Wane, a spokesperson for Instagram revealed that thousands of hashtags were affected by the glitch but did not explain why Trump searchers were not impacted or when the issue started.

“A technical error caused a number of hashtags to not show related hashtags. We’ve disabled this feature while we investigate,” Wane said in a statement.

Tomi Lahren In this photo, Tomi Lahren at 'Chelsea Handler in Conversation with Tomi Lahren' panel during Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center on July 29, 2017, in Pasadena, California. Photo: Getty Images / Joshua Blanchard