More details surrounding the moments before the bizarre death of former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh have surfaced, including his worsening paranoia during his final days.

Hsieh, who had quit his job as CEO of Zappos in August, died on Nov. 27. Officials said Hsieh died from smoke inhalation after being trapped in a shed at his girlfriend’s home that became engulfed in flames. Reports indicated that he had barricaded himself inside the shed, but officials ruled the fire an accident.

New reports suggest that friends were increasingly concerned over Hsieh’s safety in the months leading up to his death. In one 911 call obtained by Business Insider, an anonymous friend urged emergency service not to release Hsieh from the hospital where he had been transported in late June after smashing up his Park City, Utah home amid threats of hurting himself.

In the call, the friend said, “If he gets released, it will be a problem,” adding they wanted to “make sure the hospital staff understand the situation fully.”

In another call to police in August, also obtained by Business Insider, another friend called to report that Hsieh was “very paranoid,” expressing their concern for his safety. During the call, the friend mentioned Hsieh’s use of nitrous oxide, and a safety check was made by emergency services, Business Insider reported.

Hsieh had a fascination with fire and had been experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms and ecstasy, the Daily Mail reported. He would also fixate on training his body to live without, starving himself until he weighed under 100 pounds or not urinating, the news outlet said.

His friends told the Mail that he was in a “downward spiral” for months.

Other incidents occurred at Hsieh’s home, including reports of neighbors' complaints about loud music and construction work that prompted police to visit his home, the Daily Mail reported. The fire department was also called after a report of a hot air balloon shooting flames, the news outlet said.

Hsieh’s friends became increasingly concerned about his safety, worrying about his drug and alcohol abuse. But he had come to terms with his dangerous lifestyle and had decided to seek treatment at a rehab clinic the day he died, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hsieh, who had a net worth of $840 million, sold Zappos to Amazon for $214 million, according to the Daily Mail.

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