Hundreds of people listened to Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” after the video went viral during the weekend. It originally aired around 4 a.m. during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block in late October, People magazine reported.

Many people have had a strong reaction to the video, whether they loved it or hated it. Even though it pays a type of homage to '70s, '80s and '90s sitcoms, there are parts of the video that are not safe for work.

The spoof uses the font from “Full House” to introduce more than 60 characters. There are also nods to shows like “Family Matters,” “The Facts of Life,” “Married With Children,” “Alf,” “Roseanne,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Hill Street Blues,” the “Wonder Woman” series, Lars Von Trier’s “The Kingdom,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Three’s Company,” “GI Joe,” “Law and Order,” “Dynasty” and "Dallas." It is completed with fake blood being spilled by a machete-wielding serial killer, which makes it come off as a bad slasher movie.

The hidden killer Easter eggs is what has drawn some people into the video. Though the killer does not become apparent until the end, he appears in clips at the beginning. Some people on Twitter theorized he is actually a hero who is trying to stop the spread of a virus.

After the 11-minute video was uploaded to YouTube Friday, it received more than 1 million views. While some people were not sure what they had, others called it a “work of art.” “You might not like it, or find it that good, but for the love of jebus appreciate the work that went into it,” YouTube user The Wakz wrote. “Watched it three times already.”

Check out the video below and sing along with the lyrics, courtesy of Vulutre:

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