Adult Swim has taken a liking to Dan Harmon’s animated series “Rick and Morty,” with Vulture reporting that the Cartoon Network counterpart has picked up the series for ten half-hour episodes. The series about an elderly inventor and his grandson sidekick will premiere in late 2013 and is only one of several side projects from the former “Community” showrunner.

The show will be produced by Harmon’s production company Starburns Industries, which is named after a side character from “Community,” claims Splitsider. The Sideburns Industries Twitter also confirmed the creations of the new series.

“Huge congrats to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for the pick up on Rick and Morty. Thanks Mike Lazzo and everyone at Adult Swim,” tweeted the account.

The “Community” creator has his hands in a few different series that are coming out, according to Vulture. Harmon is developing two sitcoms, one for CBS and the other for Fox, while working on a movie with Charlie Kaufman.

Harmon’s new found free time comes after he was releaved of his duties as showrunner for “Community,” along with all of his other responsibilities for NBC and Sony Television.

The network and production company were pressuring Harmon to broaden the show's appeal to a more mainstream audience since the very first season, which is the opposite of the direction the show took over the past three years. "Community" has attained some success for being the oddity that it is, but executives still haven't been happy with the series’ performance.

Harmon's defiant attitude toward the studio, network, and even the "Community" staff caused issues between the series creator and network. "Dan is a brilliant at ideas, but he's terrible at [management]," claimed an unnamed source according to Vulture.

Hit Fix wrote an article about the show's fourth season in May. "The cast is talented enough, and the characters delineated enough, that you can imagine a much more straightforward version of the show in which an unlikely group of friends have wacky adventures on a college campus," the publication writes.

“Community” remains in limbo after part of its fourth season was filmed, first being moved to Friday’s and then being put on hold. NBC had a chance to add it to their Wednesday lineup when the network canceled “Animal Practice,” but instead elected to give the failed sitcom’s spot to “Whitney.”