The twitter page of France's Finance and Economy Minister Lagarde is seen in this photo illustration on a computer screen in Paris
A list of the top 10 fake celeb twitter accounts REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

Twitter has numerous fake profiles of different celebrities which post eccentric and slap-stick tweets. Here is a list of the top 10 such profiles:

Not Gary Busey: A fake Twitter profile which goes by the name of the very eccentric American film and stage actor Gary Busey. The account has made some very outrageous comments often offending people.

False Steve jobs: The profile was earlier known as @ecoSteveJobs but soon changed its name to show that it was a parody. The profile gently mocks the Apple chief.

Fake Michael Bay: The account’s only aim is to ridicule the movie director. The tweets show him as an amusingly self-obsessed and power-hungry individual.

Oprah Winfrey: The fake Oprah account has recently received a take-down notice, but uses fine tactics to lampoon Oprah with funny tweets.

Elizabeth Windsor: The fake account by the name of the queen of UK shows an impressive 300,000 followers. The amusing and sarcastic views from the queen’s imposter are a real treat for the followers.

Chuck Norris: The account used to provide great Chuck Norris one-liners. The profile had stopped updating for a while but now it has been suspended permanently.

Betty F*ckin White: An account that provides its followers with funny one-liners and humorous comments on current celebrity gossips and events and Betty White's opinion on them. The account very smartly portrays comments on food and her past as well.

Formerly C Walken: A fake one by the name of Christopher Walken updates classy tweets which are part poetry and part humor and displays the sheer intelligence of the account holder.

Nick Nolte’s Mugshot: The aim of this account is to show how Nolte is ignorant about varied topics. The tweets come as if they were from Nick Nolte’s alter ego.

Not Burt Reynolds: This profile may not have as many followers like the others in the list but still produces tweets which are surely amusing to its existing followers. A tweet like “When I lose a follower, I just assumed they died. Because let’s face it, it’s hard not to love me” sets the account on fire.