Top 10 great apps for dad on Father's Day
Top 10 great apps for dad on Father's Day IBTimes

June 19 is Father's Day and if your dad is a geek, you're in luck - below are the top 10 useful and fun apps you can gift your dad and we bet he'll love them to death.

[1] For the golfing dad - If your dad loves golfing but can't afford a pro to train him on the perfect swing, you're in luck. The iPing app (free) in App Store will be your dad's new virtual golf trainer and is guaranteed to help him improve his swing.

After your dad installs iPing in his iPhone, all he needs to do is strap it to his putter. Every time your dad executes a swing, the iPing app will give him feedback on the swing by giving him the putting handicap number and allowing him to compare it to his golfing buddies and some built-in pros.

If you're feeling rich, buy your dad Golfshot: Golf GPS ($29.99). With over 37,000 courses listed, Golfshot is the best GPS app out there for dads who are serious about tracking their shots. It is also the perfect app for dads who live by their handicap as it is automatically calculated in-app.

[2] For the gaming dad - If your dad has a long way to commute to his workplace, we suggest get him the Plants Vs. Zombie app. Plants vs. Zombie ($2.99) is one of the highest rated TD (tower defense) games in App Store and has tons of different modes and levels that can keep your dad preoccupied for hours and hours. Yes, it is true - time really flies when you play Plants vs. Zombie and don't be surprised to see your dad passionately tending his (virtual) garden and keeping the zombie pests away.

[3] For the fitness fanatic dad - If your dad is a fitness freak, you can gift him the All-in Fitness app ($1.99) (a personal workout trainer with over 700 video clips), Yoga Stretch app ($0.99) (it's like having your very own personal yoga instructor and comes with audio commentary, images and even music!) or Hundred Pushups app ($1.99) (follow this six week training program and your dad soon will boast of six pack and not beer belly).

[4] For the musician dad - It's cool to play instruments but not so cool when your dad thinks he's Kenny G but when he plays his saxophone, it sounds more like an elephant in its death throes. Fortunately, you're in luck, there are several apps to help your dad become a better musician such as Metronome Plus ($1.99) (cleanest, smoothest-operating metronome app we’ve ever come across), ChordBank (free) (a comprehensive chord index featuring over 2100 chords) and CircleOfFifths ($0.99) (an essential musician’s reference tool with interactive chart that can help musicians in improvising, composing or studying tonal structures underlying Western music).

[5] For the trivia-addict dad - If your dad is a trivia addict, gift him the Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2011 app ($2.99) or Deal or No Deal: Million Dollar Mission app ($1.99). You can never go wrong with these as they will have your dad glued to his iPhone for hours and leaping with joy when he gets the answer right.

[6] For the sports loving dad - If your dad is heavily into sports, don't look beyond the ESPN Scorecenter (free) as it offers the most comprehensive global sports coverage available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Irrespective of whether your dad loves MLB, NFL, NBA, Formula One or the Premier League, the app will track and deliver scores, news and standings from hundreds of sports leagues around the world.

[7] For the car loving dad - If your dad loves to go on long drives, get him the GasCubby ($4.99). The app can track gas mileage and vehicle upkeep. Your dad can enter the gas price per gallon, total gallons used and overall cost. The app will then calculate the trip's MPGs and overall efficiency. It will also help your dad find out whether money is being wasted or saved and the information can be emailed to your dad's home computer. It can also set up reminders for regular maintenance appointments.

[8] For the barbeque loving dad - All dads think they are great chefs, especially when they are out in the backyard, grilling burgers or other stuff. Unfortunately, however, all dads are not great chefs. If your dad is one of those who hate to ask for help, gift him the Grill Guide ($0.99). The app can quietly measure the thickness of the meat with the digital ruler, and then will tell your dad how long to grill it, at what temperature and whether it should be grilled with direct or indirect heat.

[9] For the traffic rules breaking dad - If your dad is in the habit of getting speeding tickets, you must get him the Trapster (free). The app will alert your dad as he approaches speed traps, red light and speed cameras, accidents and other roadway hazards. Already over 12 million people have downloaded Trapster and swear by it.

[10] For the forgetful dad - If your dad forgets your mom's birthday every year, perhaps it is high time to get him the Things app ($9.99). The app will help him organize his never-ending to do list. With Things app, your dad can record tasks, due dates and personal notes. He can also prioritize tasks that have to get done today, tomorrow or even 'someday.' The best thing about Things app is that the data can be wirelessly synced with the desktop application.