Fashion apps have become as necessary an accessory as a purse, earrings, or that waist belt you just bought at Barneys.

Back in 2009, Christian Louboutin famously guffawed at the thought of an app.

What is 'apps'? asked Christian Louboutin. I'm a very bad technician. Technology, zero.

Other designers realized they had to embrace the shifting tides.

We live in one of those times where the economy and fear gives you this big stomach ache, and then all of a sudden, this new technology opens up a whole world of opportunity, said designer Norma Kamali to The Wall Street Journal back in 2009.

Having an app, for me, is a voice in this new world, and it's an easy way to communicate with my customers.

Since then, Apple's apps have become an industry unto itself.

Not only do apps now allow for personalization -- such as wardrobe photo uploads and means to contact a stylist -- but they also bring window shopping to your smartphone.

Take Snapette, a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone. It consists of a compilation of photos taken by users around the world who share product details on bags and shoes from across the globe.

If I'm looking for red heels to wear out this weekend -- and looking within a 10-meter (10.93-yard) radius because I want to go out and buy them -- there's no way to search for that, said Sarah Paiji, CEO and co-founder of Snapette, to Yahoo News.

Snapette's value is in its ability to give details on where exactly to buy a particular item. All one needs to do is tap on a shoe or bag that catches her eye and she will instantly find pricing information, store location, and user reviews.

It is as simple as that.

Men might think -- how can we make more efficient -- how can we introduce filters and search to help you hone in on what you want, said Paiji.

But sometimes you just want to lean back and see a bunch of pretty things and see what strikes your fancy.

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