Secretary of the US Department of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the designation of 13 new National Historic Landmarks in nine different states in the United States on March 6.

The newly released list includes an array of beautiful landmarks which includes a famous lighthouse, the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world and an early 18th-century parish church. With the new additions, there are now about 2500 historic landmarks in the United States.

The survey has been administered by the Park Service on behalf of the Department of Interior.

The National Historic Landmarks are places [that] not only showcase our rich and complex history-from prehistoric time right up to the modern era-but [that also] help drive tourism and boost local economies, Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said in a statement.

The Historic Landmarks possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States, Jarvis added.

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