The history of cougar relationships which involve romantic association between older women and younger men dates back to pre-historic times. Many such references were found in the book of Genesis and even in Greek mythology in the story of Phraeda who was in love with a much younger Hippolytus.

In modern times, with the fast changing dynamics of relationships between couples, instances of cougar relationships are on the rise. In fact, many novels and movies like Cheri (1920), Harold and Maude (1971) and Cougar Town (2009) have attempted to explore the different angles of the concept.

The trend is also gaining momentum in Hollywood with more and more people coming out in the open and clearly declaring their cougar statuses.

Although the concept has been subjected to speculations and conjectures in the past, over the past couple of years, such declarations have heralded a new era in the official cougar movement. Start the slideshow to check some top cougar couples of Hollywood: