Blockchain is undoubtedly spearheading the world's technological revolution. And if you think that blockchain and crypto are only for finance, you are very far behind reality. Today, blockchain has become the technology that can make a breakthrough even in areas that seemed impossible 5-10 years ago.

Today we will talk about the companies that are leading the technological progress in the blockchain space, offering unique and amazing technologies, and contributing to the further high-tech revolution.

1. PointPay

The first blockchain bank in the world that allows you to open savings accounts in cryptocurrency and earn interest with daily accruals. PointPay enables everyone to buy most popular crypto coins with 60 fiat currencies at competitive rates in more than 200 countries in the world.

'PointPay is a one-stop banking ecosystem which provides access to its users to 10 solid products within a single account. PointPay customers can make deposits, trade, buy and sell crypto as well as track their portfolio value through PointPay Crypto Banking apps for Android and iOS,' explains PointPay CEO Andrey Svyatov.

The company plans to expand opportunities and create new ones, eventually providing cryptocurrency users with high-level customer service and disrupting traditional banking system.

2. Grow Bank

A bank with Big Data, blockchain, crypto and fiat money support is Grow Bank. A crypto-fiat blockchain bank that provides both traditional and DeFi-oriented services to its clients and supports different types of currencies and assets (64 fiat currencies and 20 crypto).

Grow has a classic EMI & FCA banking license and its users are protected by Swiss law. Each user opens an IBAN account that supports SWIFT and SEPA. Grow is primarily focused on investor and user profits.

The Grow Bank community is a true DAO. Each Grow-token holder receives an intellectual dividend from every paid transaction in the Grow network (1%), as well as votes on how to use and where to invest the accumulated funds.

3. MinePlex

The innovative CrossFi project, combining the stability and liquidity of traditional financial instruments with the security and transparency of Blockchain technology.

MinePlex is a next generation mobile crypto bank with a liquid token. It is based on the symbiosis of the traditional financial system and blockchain with the capabilities of mobile applications: paying bills, buying goods, saving and increasing assets. MinePlex offers:

  • Mobile banking
  • Multicurrency wallet
  • P2P - exchanger
  • Debit MasterCard
  • Fiat operations

The ecosystem is based on 2 tokens: MINE and PLEX. The first serves as a means of payment for internal commissions, and its price is stable and equal to $ 0.01. The second is a liquid limited-emission token with a deflationary nature. Both coins are needed for the internal and global economy, as well as to use MinePlex DeFi tools, including profitability staking.

MinePlex helps to truly bring cryptocurrency into the daily life of every modern person.


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI assistants for businesses and consumers to deliver automated services and transactions: faster, easier and more affordable. VAIOT combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to create innovative solutions that enable the best of both technologies. Its unique Proof of Concept technology was developed in collaboration with IBM based on their proven IBM Watson.

Using a simple user interface, VAIOT smart virtual assistants will enable customers to purchase products and services such as insurance or enter into transactions supported by VAIOT smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence VAIOT will support businesses by serving as innovative distribution channels for services and personal assistants in legal services and contracts. The number of uses for VAIOT is unlimited!

Regarding the legal framework, AI VAIOT tokens are regulated as virtual financial assets in the jurisdiction of Malta. VAIOT is the first crypto service to meet the requirements of European regulators.

5. Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is one of the few game studios moving from traditional gaming to blockchain gaming. So far they have 7 in-house developed games on their roster and have picked up incredible momentum over the months they've launched, with their community expanding ten-fold.

They started out on VeChain, being the busiest client second to Walmart before moving to Polygon citing better support and technology. Their NFT marketplace has now grown to the top 5 in the space and all eyes are on their main game and flagship product VulcanVerse.

VulcanVerse is a Greco-Roman fantasy metaverse, backed by lore and gamebooks written by fighting fantasy authors. Alpha leaks on Twitter have shown promise that this could be the metaverse that finally bridgest the gaming crowd with decentralized worlds,

The project has its own unique internal PYR token, available on Kucoin and Bittrex, that is used for settlement in the marketplace, purchases across all games and staking within VulcanVerse.

Vulcan Forged has also launched an accelerator program offering up to $2m in grants for games to join its ecosystem and NFT marketplace. A lot of eyes on PYR and Vulcan this year!

6. GoMining

While mining raises more and more questions from the authorities and private miners, GoMining has developed an exclusive alternative to the classic approach.

GoMining has created a unique token backed by the real computing power of their mining fleet of devices. It increases in its price and allows users to get daily BTC income without buying equipment and spending electricity.

More mining fans do not need to buy expensive equipment or spend money and time on the maintenance. No need to worry about the cost of electricity as well. GMT solves all these problems. Unlike other tokens, each GMT is backed by real, constantly growing computing power (measured in TH / s) via the SHA-256 protocol. Equally important is the fact that the project uses more than 50% of "green" energy.

Every week the team introduces new capacities and issues tokens proportionally to these capacities. After the additional issue, the team burns 20%-90% of new tokens and redistributes the released capacity between other tokens. As a result, the supply capacity of a token increases which results in income growth.

Over the next few years, the company plans to increase the supply capacity of GMT several times. The big aim for GoMining is to provide 20% of the world’s BTC mining.

7. Uberstate Inc

Uberstate is a convenient fintech service from the world of cryptocurrencies. The app allows you to deposit your cryptocurrency and convert into dollars for spending in minutes. The main difference from similar projects is that Uberstate allows you to store funds in crypto, but at the same time use them for everyday payments in two clicks.

Transfer RIT 2.0, Uberstate token, to your unique deposit address, to provide funds for your account. You can view and manage this at any time. RIT 2.0 is sold for fiat currencies, seamlessly behind the scenes, to enable each transaction.

Within minutes - you can register for your Uberstate Card account, add funds, pass KYC, get a virtual card and make purchases anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Register at no cost to you.

Using the Uberstate virtual card supports contactless payment Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay via the NFC module of your smartphone. This is extremely convenient, Uberstate removes the line between cryptocurrencies and the real world, despite all the restrictions and government regulations!

8. StorX

StorX is a peer-to-peer decentralized Storage Network. StorX helps customers securely encrypt, fragment, and then distribute important data across multiple hosting nodes spread worldwide.

Users are able to store data without any restrictions at nominal cost as compared to monopolized entities. StorX network is trustless and every bit of data is encrypted which makes it far more private, secure, scalable, distributed, cost-effective compared to other players in the industry.

Ecosystem members and clients using remote servers interact with the internal SRX token. With its help, customers pay rent and providers receive a reward.

StorX provides a democratic marketplace for hosting data, replacing the centralized intermediaries with a decentralized blockchain network. You can exercise complete control and grant access over your data sets without any centralized intermediary.

StorX is able to offer new improved features due to ongoing support from its community. StorX community members empower our platform and contribute.

9. Nafty

NaftyArt takes the traditional NFT marketplace and focuses its attention on the erotic art and adult industry.

Having identified key problems content creators and consumers face in the 97 billion dollar Adult industry, Nafty, a DeFi ecosystem, successfully launched their four platforms along with the Nafty Token. Using blockchain technology, the ecosystem empowers its creators by removing intermediaries, offering low fees and NaftyPay, a payment solution that simplifies the payment process with no chargebacks or holdbacks.

Nafty have teamed up with global adult industry superstars offering their fans exclusive content across CatWall, a fansite similar to OnlyFans, NaftyArt, an NFT Marketplace for erotic content, and NaftyTV, a subscription service for adult content. With their 360º adult entertainment ecosystem for the blockchain age Nafty are arguably one of the most disruptive tech companies to enter the space in the past decade.

10. Rentible

Rentible is a decentralized-Proptech platform enabling tenants and landlords to conveniently send and receive rent payments in different cryptocurrencies while optimizing outdated market verticals via the deployment of DeFi principles and trustless smart contracts. The project's additional emphasis is on protecting market participants from online “let-and-run” fraud, reducing costs through disintermediation, and serving as a gateway for both blockchain enthusiasts and less-savvy users.

Rentible was recently whitelisted by Bancor, with a co-investment of 100K BNT (approx 350.000$) by Bancor DAO, and listed on Bittrex Global - a top 20 CoinMarketCap exchange. These are considerable achievements for such a young and still under-the-radar project, further asserting Rentible's significant potential as a project with a long-term mainstream adoption prospective.

  • Free of costly intermediaries
  • Fraud prevention via immutable records
  • Access to Liquidity pool for on-demand rental loans
  • Streamlined processes via trustless smart contracts
  • Mass adoption focus & ease-of-use approach

Led by an experienced team with a successful track record across Blockchain and Proptech industries, Rentible positions itself to become a first-mover in a massive, yet untapped, multi-trillion USD market.